Editorial: The Chronicle Salutes Student Employees

The CNM Chronicle would like to congratulate the students honored at Friday’s Student Employee appreci­ation day. Being a student-run orga­nization, we understand the impor­tant role that student employees play in CNM’s daily operations.

Getting involved with one’s institution can be a very ben­eficial and fulfilling experience. Becoming a student employee is a great way to be a part of the inner workings of CNM. However, there are more ways that students can be active.

Volunteering, joining a student organization, attending public meet­ings or voicing opinions on matters involving CNM are all excellent ways for students to get involved with the school. Students who take the time to get involved get a better understanding of the way things work at CNM and in turn have a better understanding of who holds responsibility for the issues that students encounter every day.

The CNM Chronicle would like to encourage readers to voice opin­ions about CNM and address the issues or concerns that they may be facing. Students can write a letter to the editor or simply start a conversation with us on Facebook. We are here to serve the CNM community by providing truth­ful information and investigating con­cerns raised by students and faculty. Go to facebook.com/cnmchronicle to voice your opinion and take an active role in the CNM community.

Categories: Editorials

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