Former Student opens outreach program for homeless kids

By: Stefany Olivas, Business Manager | Photo Courtesy: Jessica Fisher, STAND UP FOR KIDS

Former student and Executive Director of Stand Up for Kids Jennifer Fisher said she volunteers for the non-profit organization because homeless kids need more resources.

She said she began looking for a way to help when she noticed home­less children at her sister’s middle school and then began volunteering at Joy Junction. When the number of homeless children became over­whelming there — she decided to do more.

“We want these kids to know that we’re here as mentors and friends. We’re regular people in the commu­nity coming together to show them that people care about them,” said Fisher.

The main initiative for the Albuquerque Stand Up for Kids branch is to help homeless children find a stable home and finish school, said Fisher.

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Albuquerque Comic Expo Guest Stars

By: Stefany Olivas & Jonathan Gamboa | Photos By: Scott M. Roberts & James Roach

Tommy Yune – Comic Writer
What are your thoughts on the Albuquerque Comic Expo?
“Here is one thing that’s really nice about Albuquerque and espe­cially the expo, the folks that are running around here aren’t jaded; they are very mellow.”
Favorite projects?
“Anything related to Robotech, I love all it all.”


Mike Grell – Writer/Artist
What do you think of the Albuquerque Comic Expo?
“It’s been a good show so far. For being only in its second year, this is a good sized show. The people here have been great to me. I’ve had a lot of folks come by here and have some great conversations.”
Who’s your favorite super hero?
Green Arrow followed by Captain America.
Who would win in a fight?
“There would be no competition at all. Captain America has the super strength, while Green Arrow is just an ordinary guy who shoots an arrow, really. Cap would kick his ass!”

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ACE Second Annual Costume Contest

By: Stefany Olivas & Jonathan Gamboa | Photos By: Scott M. Roberts & James Roach

Grand Prize winners: Chris Whyman and John Ramsey
How long did the costumes take to make?
“We made it from scratch. It took about 6 months all together. Hopefully we’ll keep evolving them and win again next year.”
Chris Whyman
“I thought we’d place as a team but I did not think we’d win the whole thing. It originally started by us wanting to do a red versus blue situation, and it evolved from there. We wanted to stay true to how we actually make them”
John Ramsey
“I wanted to incorporate Star Wars and use light sabers next time. Everything besides shoes and swords are made from scratch.


Judges Choice Award: Former CNM Student Dustin Kiska
What inspired your costume?
“It’s one of things that is unthinkable. You can’t buy this in a store. This is larger than life, so I had to shrink it down to make it life size.”
How long did it take you to build?
“It took me a month to build and month to think about how to engineer it together.”

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10 minutes with Eric Griego

By: Carrie Ratkevich, Senior Reporter

Former CHSS instructor and recent U.S. Congress hopeful Eric Griego said that through education and hard work he was able to defy the odds and become successful.

Griego said he was raised by his single mother, who worked two jobs to support her children. Public services such as Head Start and the Federal Pell Grant program gave him the hand up he needed to become successful, he said.

“I am proof; if we invest in a kid at an early age, he will suc­ceed,” said Griego.

Having access to a quality public school is important for students to gain access to the middle class, said Griego. The rising cost of college, coupled with the decrease in free aid, has created fewer opportunities for people to move into a higher wage bracket, he said.

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Pride Month

By: Jyllian Roach, Managing Editor | Photos By: Scott M. Roberts & James Roach

In honor of Gay Pride Month the Chronicle asked some of the guests at ACE their thoughts on the upcoming marriage of Northstar and his long-time boyfriend Kyle, and of the news that Green Lantern member Alan Scott will be coming out as gay.

Andy Kuhn – co-creator of “Firebreather”
“I think that it is awesome. I don’t follow either of those comics, but anything for more diversity in comics is great.”


Billy Garberina – Director of “Necroville,” “I HEART U”
“I’ve never been one to poo-poo an alternative life¬style, and what two be-muscled, hairy beautiful human beings do in their own sweaty love-shack is not for me to judge. As far as GL coming out – one of the best things about dating a human being who can make object at will from his imagination that’s got to be the most intense sex you’ve ever had. He can make dongs that are huge or small or ribbed or plugged or shunted or gunted…I think everyone should date a Green Lantern.”

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No-cost hump-day pampering

By: Carrie Ratkevich, Senior Reporter

The cosmetology program is offering no-cost mani­cures, pedicures and haircuts on Wednesdays throughout the summer term, said Interim Program Director Jon Stull.

The promotion was started at the South Valley campus to draw in more people so the students could get more experience, said Stull. During the fall and spring terms, the cosmetology lab is closed on Wednesdays so Stull wanted to make sure people were aware that the summer term is differ­ent, he said. “Wednesdays have been slow for us, so we thought offering manicures and haircuts on that specific day would help to increase the client load and practice for our students,” said Stull.

The program has a 100 percent job placement record for graduates, said Stull. In the final term of the program stu­dents go into internships at local salons, he said. The salons are not required to hire the student, but they usually do., said Stull.

“Every student we grad­uate has a job when they leave,” said Stull.

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Putting in work

By: Jonathan Gamboa, Layout Designer

Job Corps provides employment assistance for students

The CNM/Job Corps dual enrollment program offered at the Albuquerque Job Corps Center helps strug­gling high school and college students to enroll in trades programs with paid tuition, said Business Community Liaison and Counselor Dr. Emily Salazar.

Job Corps assists stu­dents in preparing for the Accuplacer placement test, meeting with advisers and going through the orientation and enrollment process, said Salazar. “If they’re between the ages of 16 and 24, we accept them into our pro­grams. If they need a high school diploma, we have our own charter school. We have our own GED program and testing site. We have dorms and complete medical services available to students,” she said.

Job Corps handles every­thing and the counselors help students complete a program at CNM, said Patient Care Tech Teresa Begay.

“Honestly, I don’t think I would have been able to do this on my own,” she said.

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Letter to the Editor: The end of gay?

By: Richard Nenoff, Guest Writer

For those who don’t know, June is GLBT (that’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) Pride month. That’s right, we get a whole month to revel in our second-class citizenship “aberrant lifestyles” and celebrate our victories in the fight for equal rights plan out the next stage in our bid for world domina­tion via our Gay Agenda.

We’ve made some great strides toward equality in the past year, from the September repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to the much more recent May 31 finding by the fed­eral court that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional. In case you’re unclear, that basically means it’s on shaky ground and is being shipped off to the Supreme Court, where it stands a chance of being repealed as well (the current makeup of the Supreme Court not withstanding). And while we still have a long way to go beyond marriage equality, it’s finally starting to feel like we’re getting over that final big hurdle and there’s just a few laps between us and true equality full conversion of all heterosexuals into unnatural lifestyle choices. But all joking aside, we’re living in a time of great change. I’m actually starting to believe that I might see the day when I can marry the man I choose and not need to spend $10,000 in various legal fees in order to ensure he’s protected in the event of my death ($10,000 hetero­sexual couples save when they say, “I do,” by the way). So why does one question keep bothering me: what next?

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