TRiO support services accepting client applications

By: Amy Foster, Guest Writer | Photo By: Scott M. Roberts

TRiO Student Support Services will be accepting member­ship applications for the 2012-2013 school year beginning the last two weeks of the summer term until the end of the break, said TRiO Office Manager Willie Smoker.

The members-only program offers free tutor­ing, study space and achievement coaching for eligible students, said Smoker. Applications to join TRiO are located in the portables next door to the TaxHelp facilities. The offices are off Basehart near the west end of Main campus in room BT4A.

“A student will have more than half of what they need if they come to the office to apply,” said Smoker.

Information regard­ing requirements for entry into the TRiO program can be found at the TRiO office. Requirements include U.S. citizenship or residency, and a diploma or GED, said Smoker.

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CNM publishes wages; employees weigh in

By: Jonathan Gamboa, Layout Designer

Part-time CHSS instructor Robert Anderson said that public policy, transparency and accountability have been very important to him and that as a public institution, CNM should be run in the interest of the public and not for the interest of the local private sector.

He said that he and other professionals are hired at CNM as part-time faculty and staff, and the pay rates included in the online posting of names and wages are not accurately reported.

“I have been to many Governing Board meet­ings, and not once has this issue of transparency been discussed openly,” said Anderson.

Part-time faculty and staff can be expected to work up to 40 hours a week including class prepara­tion and student assistance. However, the employee contract legend provided on the website does not include that time for part-time employees, he said.

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Editorial: Go team U.S.A

People have begun to catch on to the trend of buying American-made products. It is inportant to be aware of the processes by which the prod­ucts we consume were created, where they came from and what they may be supporting .

With this knowlege, societies can take an active hand in shaping their cul­tures around the world, and make sure their dollars are well spent.

Last week the United States Olympic Committee was denounced for buying Team U.S.A. uniforms from the American company Ralph Lauren, because the garments were manufactured in China.

America is in the midst of a complete economic downturn and our country needs all the support pos­sible. It has become nearly impossible to find cloth­ing, appliances, electronics or nearly anything else not made in a foreign country.

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A superstitious soiree

By: Jodie Darrell, Staff Reporter | Photos by Scott M. Roberts

Local tattoo parlor offers affordable ink

All is One Tattoo Shop has a special tradition for Friday the 13th: tattoos. The shop offers an entire flip book of tattoo samples — called flash — for customers to choose from. Every tattoo includes the number 13; some are hidden in the tattoo, while others stand out. The CNM Chronicle stopped in to chat with some of the artists and customers to get their thoughts on the tradition.

Torrie Bustamante, tattoo artist and former CNM student, Albuquerque, NM

What tattoo shop are you from? “All is One.”

Why did you get into tattooing? been interested since I saw my dad’s military tattoo. When I got into to high school I got into art and body modification. That evolved into tattoos.”

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Not Made in China makes it in America

By: Bradley Pearson, Production Manager | Photos By: Bradley Pearson, Production Manager

Local business combats imported goods

A short distance from CNM’s main campus lie the roots of a revo­lution in American craft. Not Made In China Pottery Studio and Gallery aims to bring quality produc­tion back to the United States, said proprietor Patrick Trujillo.

Not Made In China pro­vides locals with American-made goods and teaches people how to make those goods themselves rather than buying products made in China, Trujillo

“We want to end corpo­rate enslavement,” he said.

Trujillo said that he started Not Made In China four years ago as a private studio, offering lessons and apprenticeships.

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Things to do

By: Stefany Olivas, Business Manager & Jonathan Gamboa, Layout Designer |Photos By: Scott M. Roberts

The summer term is ending. All of the good warm weather hol­idays have passed. To prevent boredom from creeping in, the CNM Chronicle has found four fun and cheap adventures in and around Albuquerque for students on the verge of summertime apathy.

Take a train tour

The Rail Runner makes trips daily from Belen to Santa Fe and stops at many scenic locations in between. The train makes for easy travel to historic New Mexico sites and rural bike trails. Student day passes range from $1 to $8 and can be purchased online or at any train station. Designated areas are available for bike storage in each passenger car.

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