Lactation stations now available

By: Stefany Olivas, Business Manager

Private rooms provided for breastfeeding mothers

Lactation station services have been expanded to more CNM campuses for students, fac­ulty, and staff who need to pump breast milk, said Student Health Center Director Marti Brittenham.

Private rooms can be reserved at no cost with no requirements or paper­work in order to pump milk, said Brittenham.

“Mothers bring in their own pumps and lock the door so they don’t get interrupted. They can sit comfortably, read some magazines and then leave,” said Brittenham.

Achievement Coach Chioma Heim said she real­ized how desperately CNM needed to raise awareness about lactation stations when she returned from maternity leave and had difficulty finding a place to pump in private.

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FYI: Important changes coming this fall

By: Jyllian Roach, Managing Editor

Both CNM and the federal government have made some big changes that will affect students beginning in the fall term, according to an email sent by the Financial Aid Department.

Pell Grant recipients will be allowed only six total years of aid

The previous aid limit of nine years has been short­ened to 600 percent, or six years. For students attend­ing school full time year-round, that means they must complete their undergradu­ate studies in six years.

For students attend­ing year-round part time, the limit would be 12 years. It is important to note that while this is effective as of the fall term, it backdates for all current students. Students can find their current percentage by visiting

Student loan repayment grace period discontinued

Students will no longer receive a six month grace period for loan repayment after completing undergrad­uate studies for any loans borrowed after July 1, 2012. Loan repayment will now begin immediately after leaving school. This does not affect loans received before July 1, 2012. For students receiving a post-graduate degree, loans must be pay on while attending school.

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Letter to the Editor: In regards to ‘Leonardo’ Scrutinized

By: Joel Wigelsworth, Leonardo 2012 Co-Editor

Someone recently made me aware of the May 22 Chronicle article on Leonardo, CNM’s literary magazine. Some pretty inflammatory statements and accusations were made in that article. I would like an opportunity to put in my two cents.

I’m not likely to make any friends with the follow­ing testimony, but I am more interested in truth than gain­ing allies. I will state my case without naming names, at least for now.

Did some editors saturate the 2012 edition of Leonardo with their work? I believe so. I was not in support of the large number of pieces per editor in Leonardo. I was fairly vocal about it among select friends, classmates, and CNM instruc­tors—and my wife certainly got more than an earful.

Should I have been more vocal within the edito­rial staff, and with Patrick Houlihan, the faculty advisor for Leonardo? With the glori­ous gift of hindsight, yes. Well, here comes a big nasty secret; I did not care much for my co-editors on a professional level.

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Community theatre gets edgy

By: Paula Bauman, Editor-in-Chief

Summer musical a first for Albuquerque

Albuquerque Little Theater is preparing for the premiere of “Spring Awakening,” a controver­sial musical that will appeal to a dif­ferent demographic, said Executive Director Henry Avery.

The Little Theater, best known for its “Family Theatre Series,” will feature “Spring Awakening” from July 19 – 29 because the theater seeks to serve the entire community while being respectful of audiences’ diverse tastes and feelings, said Avery.

“Not every show is for everybody,” said Avery.

Director and Stage Manager Ryan Jason Cook said he hopes the musical will elevate community the­atre as a whole by pushing the com­munity theater mentality into the pro­fessional realm.

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‘Twelfth Night’ shines at Vortex

By: Jodie Darrell, Staff Reporter & Jyllian Roach, Managing Editor | Photo By: Scott M. Roberts, Photo Journalist

The Vortex Theatre’s produc­tion of Williams Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” is entertaining, witty and saturated with a dazzling cast. Director Brian Hansen’s deci­sion to set the play in post-World War I Italy breathed fresh relevancy into the 400-year-old work.

Filled with hilarious antics, “Twelfth Night” can seem chaotic at times, but in the end carries a well-received message about gender roles and life in a man’s world. The play was a smashing success and the laughter was contagious.

Caitlin Aase, who plays gen­der-bending Viola, delivers the role with incredible grace and understand­ing. As Viola masquerades as manly Cesario, Aase makes it as easy to forget that a woman is playing the part. When returning to the very feminine Viola, Aase is equally effective.

Charles Fisher is absolutely delightful as the taciturn Malvolio, who has become enamored of the Countess Olivia, played by Jessica Record. The scene in which Malvolio dons canary yellow stock­ings, in a mistaken attempted to prove his love for the countess, is perfectly – and hilariously – deliv­ered by Fisher.

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Sex, drugs and violence galore: ‘Savages’ is a hit

By: Jonathan Gamboa, Layout Designer

Rating: 4 out of 5 bullet-riddled marijuana leaves

“Savages” is a typical drug-influenced, vio­lent Oliver Stone film that lives up to the adrenaline rush action-thriller genre to which it belongs.

The movie portrays two marijuana growers — peace loving humanitarian Ben (Aaron Johnson, “Kick Ass,” “Shanghai Knights”) and ex-Navy Seal Chon (Taylor Kitsch, “Friday Night Lights,” “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”) — duking it out with a Mexican cartel.

O (Blake Lively, “Green Lantern,” “The Town”) nar­rates the story of Ben and Chon, two best friends who create an ingenious marijuana business, and share O as their girlfriend.

When O is kidnapped by the Baja Cartel, led by Elena La Reina (Salma Hayek, “Puss in Boots,” “Frida”), the two marijuana growers go on a rampaging spree of revenge.

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Bible study group sets sights on expanding to CNM

By: Jonathan Gamboa, Layout Designer

Inter Varsity provides a community of students from the CNM and UNM area who love Jesus and want to grow and serve him in a way that also benefits the community through extensive bible study, community ser­vice and fun faith build­ing activities, said group leader Nathan Layman.

For the 35 regular stu­dent members, participation in the bible study groups throughout the week involves the students studying books of the bible, fellowship build­ing games and singing songs of worship, he said.

“When you’re coming from high school into col­lege, you are beginning to move into a new com­munity while also going through a time where you are growing into a young adult, and by joining Inter Varsity you will be able to develop a really close bond around the fellowship of friends that will help you move through the changes and difficulties of college,” said Layman.

He said that fully engaging in the group has helped him realize that col­lege is so much more than just trying to survive the two or four years it takes to get a degree. It is about the way the community is affected by the actions of people with skills and long-term relationships.

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Fire Safety and preparedness

By: Jodie Darrell, Staff Reporter

New Mexico has far too many trees and not enough water to support them, said New Mexico State Forestry Fire Prevention and Outreach Program Manager Dan Ware. As fire danger increases, the need for fire safety increases right along with it. Understanding fire safety and taking steps to improve preparedness and preventing fires will help both the people and the land, said Ware. In light of the very hot and dry season, Ware offered these safety tips for students:

Tips for Fire Safety

1. Private property should have a fire-proof perimeter.

Manage the land and create a healthier environment. Trim trees and keep trash contained. It will help pro­tect from a raging wildfire.

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