Foundation Reports $3.2 Mil in Donations

By: Jodie Darrell, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Jonathan Gamboa, Production Manager

A record-set­ting $3.2 mil was donated to the CNM Foundation this year, said foundation Executive Director Lisa McCulloch.

The donations came from a long list of donors and will be used for stu­dent scholarships during the 2012-13 school year, said McCulloch.

“I believe the increase in donations is due to the fact that the role of community college in the community both locally and nationally has been elevated due to the fact CNM is providing such hopeful solutions in a tough economy,” said McCulloch

During the 2011-12 school year more than 800 scholarships were dis­tributed with the $1.4 mil donated, said McCulloch. The foundation is looking forward to doubling that amount this year.

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10 Minutes With: Brandon Morgan

By: Stefany Olivas, Business Manager

The Zozobra Tradition

“10 Minutes With…” is a feature in which a member of the CNM faculty shares professional insight on a local, national or inter­national issue.

History Instructor Brandon Morgan said the annual Santa Fe tradition of burning the Zozobra actu­ally began as a private ritual for artist William Shuster and his colleagues.

The friends would burn the marionette as a symbol of burning away their anxieties and gloom for the year, he said. Morgan said there are similar rituals connected to a tradition called Cartonería; a religious festival represent­ing the burning of Judas on Holy Saturday.

“Zozobra was the art­ist’s idea and spin on some of those kinds of ritual traditions. So it’s sort of a pagan counter point to the catholic side of the fiesta,” said Morgan.

Zozobra began as a small figure that was not much larger than a full-sized man, but he has grown dozens of feet high over the years. During the day of the event, artists construct Old Man Gloom from wooden frames and paper maché. When the sun begins to set, the Zozobra is ignited along with everyone’s written sor­rows, said Morgan.

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Special Series: Alternative Transportation

By: Jodie Darrell, Staff Reporter | Photos By: Scott M. Roberts


“Transportation” is a special fall term series that looks at various means of transportation. Look for “Scooters” in issue three.

Longboarding as a primary mode of transportation can be challenging, but worth it for the long-term benefits, said former student Kevin Baca.

Learning the best roads for travel and severe hip pains were two of the biggest hur­dles for Baca, he said. The ben­efits were time management skills, self-reliance, health and self-esteem, he said.

“I think it has made me stronger in the long run. I don’t get sick nearly as often. I feel better throughout the entire day. There isn’t a point when I get ter­ribly tired,” said Baca.

More perks of longboard­ing are a heightened awareness of surroundings and time man­agement skills, said Baca.

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Column: Health Awareness Initiative

Angelika Schwamberger is a full-time SAGE instructor and writes a monthly Health Newsletter for the CNM Community. Excerpts from this newsletter will be reprinted monthly.

Water: Remember the 8 x 8 rule. Drink about eight 8 ounce glasses of water or fluid a day is a popular rule of thumb. Water is, of course, preferable since it has 0 calories, aids the body in elimination of toxins, and hydrates tissues, such as the skin and disks between your vertebrae. As we age, our thirst response is less accurate than when we were younger, so it is important to drink plenty of fluids even though we may not feel thirsty, for instance in cold weather. Coffee and alco­holic beverages are generally dehydrating and sodas contain phosphates that deplete the body of calcium, which is an issue for women. Furthermore, they contain sugar, which adds unnecessary calories to your daily caloric intake.

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College Survival Guide

By: Jonathan Baca, Staff Reporter

Starting a new term can be a stressful time for any student. There are a lot of tech­nical details to take care of before you ever sit in a classroom, and once a student does get their foot in the door, class work can be daunting.

Fortunately, there are a few simple things to remember that can make life much easier. The Chronicle asked some students and fac­ulty what has made their experience at CNM go more smoothly.

Get It Done Early

Part of surviving college is learning to navigate the system. Computer Information Systems major Chris Hubbard said he did what many other students do and waited until the last minute.

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Guerrilla Photo Group: Photography Beginners, Pros Learn Together

By: Jyllian Roach, Editor-In-Chief | Photo (top) By: Colleen Moody, Guerrilla Photo Group | Photo (Bottom) By: Laine Luper

When Web Design graduate Colleen Moody first attended a Guerilla Photo Group event with a friend, she said she thought she would have a little fun model­ing and be on her way.

Instead, Moody found a home with the non-profit group and consistently attends the weekly events – but as a photographer rather than a model.

“It’s such a great learning environment,” said Moody. “The learning is through immersion and example instead of textbooks.”

The group, which meets every Wednesday evening, began in 2006 as a place where amateur photogra­phers could meet with and learn from professionals in a studio space with lighting and camera set ups, said Founder Rip Williams.

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‘Ninja Warrior’ Inspired Gym Opens

By: Jodie Darell, Staff Reporter | Photos By: Jonathan Gamboa, Production Manager

Albuquerque’s first parkour gym, Zero Point Parkour & Fitness, will host its grand opening on Friday Sept. 14. , said former student, former Ninja Warrior competitor and Zero Point Instructor Josh Kronberg.

The gym, located at the Northeast corner of Third St. and Mountain St. will offer refresh­ments, grilled food, music, gym membership sign-up and Parkour demonstrations and competitions complete with prizes starting at 5:00 p.m., said Ninja Warrior contestant and gym Co-Owner Daniel French.

“I think this gym is going to get people more interested in fitness,” said Kronberg.

Parkour is a train­ing of movement with the combination of gym­nastics and military-style obstacle courses. It is the training used by most “American Ninja Warrior” competitors, said French.

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Browncoat Ball Comes to ‘Burque

By: Jonathan Baca, Staff Reporter | Photo Courtesy: Charlie Fitch, Albuquerque Browcoats

The Eighth Annual Browncoat Ball will be hosted by the Albuquerque Browncoats for the first time , and tickets are going fast, said Albuquerque Browncoat member and orga­nizer Charlie Fitch.

The Browncoat Ball, a non-profit convention orga­nized completely by volun­teers, will take place Sept. 14-16 at the Sheraton Hotel Uptown. “People are coming from all over the United States — one gentleman is coming from Australia,” said Fitch.

Pre-Health Sciences major and Browncoat member Harriet Engle said that the Browncoats are a fan group for the cancelled Joss Whedon cult television series “Firefly”.

Engle said everyone is welcome to the Browncoat Ball, even if they do not iden­tify as a Browncoat or know about the series.

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Editorial: Bad Politics

Presidential campaign­ing is out of control. Negative campaigning brings nothing to the table when it comes to choosing the nation’s leader. Its only purpose is to distort facts and hook people through buzz words and indignant retellings.

Candidates on all sides have dropped to the lowest common denominator, bad­gering one another and using quotes out of context to make another candidate look bad.

It has become increas­ingly important to fact check and research every political article, ad and speech because candidates no longer care about proving to Americans that they are the best candi­date – it’s all about making the other guy look terrible.

Super Pacs and biased media are supposedly not affiliated with a given can­didate. Although it is clear which side certain media groups and Pacs are on, can­didates deny them have any connection to their campaign.

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Letter To The Editor: Response to Volume 17 Issue 38, ‘Lactation Stations Now Available’

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Educational institutions successful at retaining stu­dents after childbirth find that establishing campus-wide lactation stations are a worth­while investment.

Of utmost importance to breastfeeding women when returning to school is finding a convenient, com­fortable, and safe place to pump milk. Pumping at school allows moms to con­tinue to feed their babies breastmilk while also main­taining their supply. If a new mother does not have access to a “lactation station,” she is more likely to miss classes or drop out of school.

The new lactation sta­tions at CNM will improve graduation rates, resulting in New Mexico being more competitive when recruiting future employers and creat­ing the jobs of tomorrow.

The major health orga­nizations recommend that babies receive only breast­milk for the first 6 months and continue receiving breastmilk throughout the first 1-2 years. This is not only good for the health of mother and baby, but also is associ­ated with lower healthcare costs statewide.

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