Students Voice Concerns to Administration

By: Stefany Olivas, Managing Editor

CNM President Kathie Winograd said that she will explore possible solutions to the student concerns raised at a recent open forum.

The forum was designed as an update to students on the progress of CNM, Several students attended the forum to ask questions and express con­cerns directly to Winograd.

“I really appreciate that they held this forum. I thought I was really good for students to be able to go and really put down their ideas,” said Criminal Justice major and ECOS President Stephen Martos.

He said that student government was there to represent the general needs of the students.

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Staff Contract Impasse Ends

By: Jodie Darrell, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Scott M. Roberts, Photojournalist

Security officers, part-time and full-time faculty members and instructional support staff are very happy to have a formal contract after the long wait, said CNM Employee’s Union President and full-time SAGE instructor Andrew Tibble.

The employee contracts, which were ratified at the September Governing Board meet­ing, had been in limbo since 2008 due to dis­agreements between the union and administra­tion, said Tibble.

The timing of this contract is important, because it means that those groups will now receive the one-time two percent and recur­ring three percent raise that was approved for all employees over the summer, said Tibble.

“We managed to do it. It wasn’t easy and there were a lot of disagreements with the school but we did get them to move on some things and we frankly moved on some things,” said Tibble.

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10 Minutes With… Thomas Kennedy

By: Adriana Avila, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Jonathan Gamboa, Production Manager

High Fructose Corn Syrup Vs. Table Sugar

“10 Minutes With…” is a feature in which a member of the CNM faculty shares professional insight on a local, national or inter­national issue.

There are some big dif­ferences between high fructose corn syrup and regular sucrose — better known as table sugar — said Biology instructor Thomas Kennedy

Fructose and glucose are natural sugars and are both plant products, but high fructose corn syrup is geneti­cally modified. Fructose, especially the kind found in corn syrup, does not identify in a body the same as glucose, contrary to the television ads created by the Corn Refiners Association, he said.

“To say fructose and glucose are treated the same in our bodies is completely wrong,” said Kennedy, “They are treated differently.”

Fructose is preferred by junk food manufactur­ers because it is sweeter and cheaper than table sugar, said Kennedy.

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Special Series: Alternative Transportation

By: Stefany Olivas, Managing Editor | Photos By: Stefany Olivas, Managing Editor


“Alternative Transportation” is a special fall term series that looks at various means of transportation. Look for “Bus” in issue five.

Liberal Arts major Marie Duran said she has been riding the train to CNM for more than three years because of how much she saves in gas by doing so.

Duran rides the train every day to school from Bernalilllo. The student discount she receives allows her to ride the train and save at least $300 a month on gas.

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Column: Coaches Corner

By: Lori Gallegos, Guest Columnist

Coaches Corner is a monthly column written by the CNM Connect Acheivement coaches. Look for the next installment of Coaches Corner in issue eight of the CNM Chronicle.

CNM Achievement Coaches are a collaborative bunch. This close-knit group has always worked together in a spirit of information sharing, creative problem-solving, and mutual support in a coordinated effort to improve student success.

This summer, the collabora­tion continued with a coordinated effort to improve student suc­cess with Cosmetology students. This past July, 16 Achievement Coaches from CNM Schools and Connect travelled to the South Valley Campus to meet with Cosmetology students and work with them one-on-one to create success plans incorporating each student’s individual strengths.

Second-term students in Mary Kolesar’s Hair Lab II class each took the Clifton StrengthsFinder Strengths Assessment. Based on answers on this assessment, StrengthsQuest identifies an individual’s top 5 talents or themes which can then be developed into strengths.

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Connecting to Help

By: Daniel Johnson, Staff Reporter

Community Resources Available to Students Through CNM Connect

Executive Director of CNM Connect Ann Lynn Hall said there are many resources for stu­dents struggling with everyday life concerns.

There are resources for housing, childcare, legal aid, food assis­tance, transportation and more, said Hall. An achievement coach at Connect can help stu­dents find assistance that will help balance life and school.

“Connect is a one-stop office for assistance on connecting students to local resources,” said Hall.

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Going to the Fair

By: Jonathan Baca, Staff Reporter | Photos By: Jonathan Baca, Staff Reporter (top & bottom) & Scott M. Roberts (middle)

The State Fair can be fun, exciting, educational, and expensive. The Chronicle spent a few days roaming the grounds in search of the best ways to have a good time while keep­ing the costs reasonable.

Getting There

Parking is free at the State Fair this year, which is already a five dollar savings over last year. Gas is still expensive, so take the city bus. Routes that serve the Fair this year are the 766 Red Line, the 777 Green Line and the 66 Central bus. Cars can be parked at the Uptown Transit Center, and on the west side, the sta­tions at 98th Street and Unser Boulevard and at Coors Bypass and Ellison Road.

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Talent Competition Holds Auditions in Albuquerque

By: Jodie Darrell, Staff Reporter

The inaugu­ral University Celebrity talent competition will hold auditions for student to com­pete for scholarships said chief executive officer of the competi­tion and New Mexico Highlands University student body President Christopher Burns.

The auditions will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 25 at the African American Performing Arts Center at 6:30 p.m. There will be four categories: comedy dance, song and poetry. The top three enter­tainers will be awarded scholarships ranging from $125 to $225, said Burns.

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Editorial: Students Talk, Administration Sticks Fingers in Ears

The recent forums in which students were asked to provide feedback for the college seemed more like an opportunity for administra­tion to explain away student concerns as unimportant than an actual dialogue about problems on campus.

Among the concerns were lack of space for stu­dent organizations, the high cost of textbooks and dif­ficulties with financial aid. For every student concern, Administrators seemed to be armed with an excuse rather than a genuine desire to openly discuss campus issues with students.

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