Month: September 2012

‘Dredd 3D’:

By: James Roach, Guest Writer Dreadfully Violent and Dreadfully Pointless Want to guest write for the CNM Chronicle? Contact Jyllian: “Dredd 3D” will be able to join the ranks of other 2012 remakes and reboots like “Three Stooges,” “Dark Shadows” and “Total Recall” as an utter disappointment. […]

Editorial: It’s Broke, So Fix It

CNM, especially Main campus, has a serious infrastruc­ture problem. Some of the build­ings have leaky roofs; others are in desperate need of replace­ment carpeting. Many of the security kiosks are out of commission, which could leave students or employ­ees without a way to contact help during an emergency. […]

Letter To The Editor

Want to share your opinion on a recent article? Send a Letter to the Editor: *All letters subject to editing for length, spelling and grammar. Tuesday, September 25, is National Voter Registration Day and a diverse array of public education and voting rights groups are coming together […]

Staff Contract Impasse Ends

By: Jodie Darrell, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Scott M. Roberts, Photojournalist Security officers, part-time and full-time faculty members and instructional support staff are very happy to have a formal contract after the long wait, said CNM Employee’s Union President and full-time SAGE instructor Andrew Tibble. The employee […]