Instructor Runs for Senate as Write-In Candidate

By: Jonathan Baca, Senior Reporter | Photo Courtesy:, Web

Part-time Political Science instructor Robert Anderson said he is running as a write-in candidate for the New Mexico seat of the US Senate because he felt some very important issues were being overlooked by the major candidates.

Anderson, who is run­ning against incumbent Martin Heinrich (D) and Heather Wilson (R) for the senate seat in the Nov. 6 election, said that his policy goals are to fund education instead of war, create a jobs program focusing on creat­ing a green economy and ensure free health care for all Americans.

“I think the issues facing the country; the economy and lack of jobs, the danger of war, the environmental crisis, the condition of education; these issues are getting worse. Our national priorities are distorted,” he said.

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Younger Citizens Less Likely to Vote

By: Christopher Pope, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Scott M. Roberts, Staff

Fewer voters aged 18 to 24 are casting their ballot each year, said part-time Political Science instructor Richard Fox.

Young voters in gen­eral have no motivation to vote because they feel that their social and economic interests and concerns are not acknowledged in today’s politics, he said.

“It is getting more and more difficult for young voters to see how their interests are being served by today’s politicians. In return, making it very hard for them to see the benefit in voting,” said Fox.

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Connect, WESST, Accion, to Offer Small Business Workshops

By: Stefany Olivas, Managing Editor

Free workshops will be held at Main campus for any student or commu­nity member interested in learning about starting or running a small business, said Connect Achievement Coach Michael Heim.

The workshops will begin on Oct. 5 and continue every Friday through Nov. 9 from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The workshops will con­sist of presentations, guest speakers and hands-on activities, said Heim.

“I think that these workshops are going to be highly beneficial for the students and community members. They’re going to leave this workshop series íwith more knowl­edge than they would have had before,” said Heim.

The non-profit orga­nizations Accion New Mexico and Women’s Economic Self Sufficiency Team, have partnered with Connect to provide the workshops, which will small business owners in the community, he said. be presented by experts and

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Special Series: Alternative Transportation

By: Adriana Avila, Staff Reporter | Photos By: Scott M. Roberts, Staff & Jonathan Gamboa, Staff


“Alternative Transportation” is a special fall term series that looks at various means of transportation. Look for the series finale in issue seven.

Public Administration major Chris Hannemann said he used to walk up to ten miles a day because of the many benefits.

“Of all the people I grew up with, I was the skinniest,” Hannemann explained, “It helped me maintain weight and stay in shape.”

Whether it was for entertainment, shopping, school or work, Hannemann said he would walk, because there was no cost to it and plenty of health benefits. Hannemann said he stands just over six feet and has never weighed more than 165 pounds.

“If everything you’re deal­ing is within five to seven miles of where you live,” Hannemann said, “the benefit is you don’t have to worry about the cost of car insurance, the cost of gas and the cost of maintenance.”

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All-USA Scholarship Now Accepting Applications, Awards Two Years Free Tuition

By: Daniel Johnson, Staff Repoter | CNM Chronicle Stock Photo

TheAll-USA Community Academic Scholarship is accepting applications through the week of Nov. 9, said Director of Service Learning Sharon Gordon-Moffett.

The scholarship awards 20 students with a $2,500 one-time scholarship, but New Mexico nominees are also awarded a scholar­ship which pays for up to four terms of tuition to any four-year school in the state, said Gordon-Moffett.

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Remarkable: Women in Art

By: Adriana Avila, Staff Reporter | Graphic Courtesy Katie Neely, Student

The National Museum of Women in Arts and Red Dot Gallery are looking for submissions from art students for an upcoming event that will commem­orate 2012 as The Year of Remarkable Women, said Women in the Arts instructor Danielle Miller.

Women interested in submitting must be in enrolled in a New Mexico higher education institution and be majoring in an Arts degree program said Miller.

Studio Arts major Katie Neeley said she plans on submitting one of her oil paintings for the exhibition.

“The painting I’m going to send them has a story behind it that I’m not supposed to tell,” Neeley said, “I’m trying to figure out what to say for my art­ists’ statement.”

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Health Awareness Initative

Angelika Schwamberger is a full-time SAGE instructor and writes a monthly Health Newsletter for the CNM Community. Excerpts from this newsletter will be reprinted monthly.

Calcium Cantata: “Grandma fell and broke her hip!” The truth is that grand­ma’s hip very likely broke before she fell, and that is why she fell. Yes, we are talking about osteoporosis.

Now if you are under 30, don’t think osteoporosis isn’t anything for you to worry about. Instead, these are the years you have to build strong bones so you don’t end up like grandma.

First, avoid sodas and smoking as well as excessive caffeine consumption. (See below for moderate coffee consumption.) Avoid those energy drinks with lots more caffeine than an average cup of coffee.

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Cool Classes: Welding Beads of Knowledge

By: Jonathan Baca, Senior Reporter | Photos By: Scott M. Roberts

“Cool Classes” is a feature which focuses on an interesting program or class at CNM. To nominate a class or program, send an email to

The Welding Program prepares students for many different types of careers in all types of industry, said full time Manufacturing Chair and Welding instruc­tor Jim Berry.

Students learn to weld using many different tech­niques with metals com­monly used in industry, and upon graduating should be prepared for entry-level jobs throughout the field, said Berry.

“I think we’re the best program in the state, and one of the best in the country,” said Berry, who has worked in the industry since 1979 and taught welding for four years.

He said that he has seen many graduates pass certification tests; tests that other welders struggle for years to pass.

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Letter To The Editor: In Response To Volume 18, Issue 4 “Students Voice Concerns to Administration”

Want to share your opinion on a recent article? Send a Letter to the Editor: *All letters subject to editing for length, spelling and grammar.

I have been running into problem after problem when it comes to do doing the right thing. By that I mean gathering the infor­mation I need in order to further my education.

I have been trying to get my financial aid taken care of so that I can get money to survive and get books and codes.

I turned in my tran­scripts from my previous college and three weeks later they finally got evalu­ated. While being evalu­ated, I was speaking with a student advisor about my financial problems and was told that I needed to make financial adjustments in order to receive the amount I need in order to survive.

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Editorial: Scholarship Opportunities Are Knocking, Students Should Answer

Last year, nine out of 10 available All-USA scholarships, which pay for a student to trans­fer to a four-year insti­tution in New Mexico, went to waste because no one applied for them.

The cost of higher education rises each year – a trend that is unlikely to change – so it is baffling that stu­dents were not lining up to apply for this award.

Yes, the scholarship demands that a student be active both on campus and in the community, but these things are part of what makes a produc­tive person anyway.

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