Operation comic drop

By: Shaya Rogers, Staff Reporter

Student collects comic books, games for deployed troops

Political Science major Krisztina Greene said she is collecting comic books to send to US troops serving overseas.

Her program, Comics for Commandos, was created a year ago and benefits all branches of the mili­tary, she said. Local comic book store Kaboom Test Labs has allowed Greene to set up collection boxes at their east and westside locations, she said.

“I feel this is how I can still support the military in a positive way. If I can help them pass the time or make them smile, why not?” she said.

Comics for Commandos has sent out a total of eight boxes to service members stationed around the world, she said. The program will keep going for as long as the U.S. has a standing army, she said.

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Lack of accessibility disrupts learning environment

By: Shay Rogers, Staff Reporter

Nineteen of the automatic door opening buttons are not working on Main Campus, said Executive Council of Students member and Engineering major Cesar Silva.

ECOS members checked every button on Main campus after a student, who is tem­porarily in a wheel­chair, complained to the group about the problem, said Silva.

“We went around and checked all the buttons on campus and found broken ones in almost every building,” he said.

Computer Systems Information major Tariq Bashir said he has been in a wheelchair for 10 years and has had repeated prob­lems with the buttons on campus.

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By: Jonathan Baca, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Scott M. Roberts, Photojournalist

Confusion about course requirements and the eligibility of Honors classes have left some students unable to receive diplomas, said Associate Dean of CHSS Zachary Shank.

Honors courses had been listed as Humanities or Fine Arts credits, but students who took these classes were recently informed that the classes would no longer count for Humanities credits, said Shank.

Criminal Justice major Steven Martos said he was ineligible to receive his degree for Psychology because he had believed the Honors courses he took would fulfill the required Humanities credits for the program.

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Special Series: The deal with drugs: Pills

By: Daniel Johnson, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Stefany Olivas, Managing Editor

“The Deal with Drugs” is a special series that looks at aspects of drug use and addiction.

Prescription medica­tions, like Percocet; Vicodin; morphine and Fentanyl, are opiates that can induce sleep and alleviate moderate to severe pain. They can assist in the treatment of opium addiction. These drugs can also cause fatigue, depres­sion, restlessness, anxiety, dry mouth, muscle and bone pain, confusion, severe respiratory depression, or cardiac arrest, according to Opiates.com.

Director of the Student Health Center Marti Brittenham said opiates are used for pain relief, but if misused can slow respiratory functions to fatal levels.

“If not taken as pre­scribed, a person could fall asleep and never wake up,” she said.

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Veterans Club announces first event

By: Jonathan Baca, Staff Reporter

The newly formed Veterans Club will help veterans make the tough transition from service to college, said club adviser and full-time CHSS instructor Jim Johnson.

The club will offer guidance about the tech­nical aspects of attending college, as well as a com­munity of support that veterans can fall back on in times of need, he said.

“We didn’t have any veterans clubs here at CNM and other colleges do. We decided that this would be a good thing to do to help veterans make the transition back into college from military ser­vice,” said Johnson.

The club’s first scheduled event is a Veterans Day Flag Ceremony and recruit­ing effort on Monday, Nov. 12 at 2:30 p.m. at the Student Resource Center on Main campus, said Louis E. Adams Jr., program specialist for the VA Department.

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Cool Classes: Empowering women one art piece at a time

By: Adriana Avila, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Scott M. Roberts

“Cool Classes” is a feature which focuses on an inter­esting program or class at CNM. To nominate a class or program, send an email to jyllianchronicle@gmail.com.

The Women in Art class centers on an important historical subject that should not be forgotten, said full-time CHSS instructor Danielle Miller.

Students get excited by the Art History 2200 class because she is excited about the sub­ject matter as an artist, she said.

“It’s a class that very specifically focuses on the topic of women and individual arts,” said Miller. “It’s an impor­tant and relevant topic to cover and consider because it’s often left out of traditional art history.”

She is the only fac­ulty member on Main campus who teaches the subject, which is only offered in the fall term each year, said Miller.

The class covers women in the visual arts and art history from the perspective of women — dating from prehistoric art to contemporary art in a broad view, she said.

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Dancing for credit:

By: Daniel Johnson, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Stefany Olivas

Student performance a ‘Thriller’

Students passing by the north side of the Student Resource Center on Main campus around noon on Halloween found themselves sur­rounded by costumed students break­ing into dance.

Part-time CHSS instructor Pamela Yenser and her English 1101 class conducted a flash mob dance performance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” for extra credit in her class.

“The students organized this event in the hopes of earning some extra credit,” said Yenser.

Students were initially offered 50 bonus points if they came to class in costume, said Yenser. The class instead asked if they could create a flash mob which focused on social networking, she said.

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Editorial:Voting: Politics are not seasonal

By: The CNM Chronicle Editorial Board

It has become common for adults to treat the presi­dential race as the only time in which they should be civically engaged.

In fact, there are many local elections during the intervening four years, and important decisions are made every day by politicians on local and national levels.

Information about these decisions, and the votes that often precede them, is accessible on web­sites like votesmart.org, congress.org, opencon­gress.org and house.gov.

Websites like these can be helpful to gain an understanding of the issues at hand and pro­vide guidelines for con­tacting representatives.

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Column: Health Awareness Initiative

By: Angelika Swhamberger, Guest Columnist

You Cannot Out-Train a Bad Diet

We are constantly inundated with advice from fitness gurus who show us the newest exercise trends and with advertisements for fitness equipment demon­strated by men and women with chiseled abdominals.

The truth is that you cannot out-train a bad diet. No matter how many hours you exercise or what kind of exercise you perform, a bad diet will erase most benefits you gain from it.

Your diet controls 75-80 per­cent of your physical health as well as appearance. It is the single most important factor in controlling your weight and physical health; further, it is the only control we all have over our health.

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