What’s that smell?

By Jonathan Gamboa, Production Manager| Graphics by Scott M. Roberts

Staff, students complain of foul odor in the Student Services Building

 Reports of a strong, unpleasant odor in the Student Services Center have staff and students concerned about the origin of the smell and whether it is harmful.

Assessment Center Administrative Coordinator Jessica Forbes said because the Assessment Center is in the back of the building, close to the four bath­rooms, the Health Center gym and the cafeteria, is it hard to tell where the rancid dry rot smell is coming from.

“In the summer when it is really hot, I think the smell is amplified to where it is unbearable,” Forbes said.

Forbes began working in the Assessment Center a year ago and noticed the smell as soon as she walked into the building, she said. “It doesn’t affect our business of having stu­dents coming into the Assessment Center. I just think it looks badly on CNM having a foul smell around the Student Activities Center”, she said.

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CNM Connect offers help to students with Workforce Solutions troubles

By Daniel Johnson, Staff Reporter

 Students who are required to main­tain contact with Workforce Solutions are running into dif­ficulty when trying to claim unemployment benefits, apply for benefit extensions or request assistance look­ing for a job because of recent changes in software, said CNM Connect Achievement Coach Sally Moore.

The new software was implemented on Jan. 6, 2013 by Workforce Solutions to streamline the pro­cess of claiming unem­ployment benefits, but it is causing problems instead, she said.

“The new software for claiming unem­ployment benefits was meant to make things easier and it has not operated the way it was meant to. Instead, it has become the cause of the problems that everyone is deal­ing with,” said Moore.

Students who tried to certify or check the status of their claim online were unable to access that informa­tion, she said.

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Employee publishes murder mystery novel

By Shaya Rogers, Staff Reporter| Photo Courtesy Amazon.com

Disability Resource Center employee Wolfgang Michel said he spent eight years writing his newly published book, “Camp Anaconda,” and is proud to see it in print.

The book, available for purchase on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble, is a murder mystery filled with cor­ruption and drug trafficking, he said.

“I’m proud of it, you know, that all this effort bares a little fruit so not all that time was wasted. I’m proud of it because I never thought that it would happen” he said.

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Editorial: CNM needs to clean up its act, or at least its pipes

Editorial By: The CNM Chronicle Editiorial Board

 CNM literally stinks. As stated in this week’s article “What’s the Smell?,” for about a year now several offices in the Student Services Center have dealt with an unbearable odor and it has taken longer to fix than it should.

People cannot work effi­ciently in that type of environ­ment. It is discomforting to walk into the SSC during the day.

Complaints have been sur­facing as much as the smell has and some of the complaints have been sitting around for more than six months, so why has it not been resolved quickly and properly?

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Letter To The Editor In Reponse To Volume 18, Issue 16 “Terminated instructor continues fight to clear record”

By Robert Anderson, Part-time CHSS instructor

 I think Dr. Steve Cormier, a 22-year veteran of our History Department is not the villain as he was present in the recent letter by Dr. Winograd.

Dr. Cormier was fired for supposedly being uncivil to a female faculty member.

But according to people at the Montoya campus cafeteria Dr. Cormier was calmly sit­ting watching a music performance when a female faculty member rushed in and aggres­sively took a guitar out of a musician’s hand abruptly stopping the performance and shocking everyone.

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Sun Cat Chit-Chat What is the worst way you have been dumped?

By Adriana Avila, Managing Editor | Photos by Jyllian Roach

 Jose David Mejia, Anthropology

 “Getting slapped and walked away. She just hit me and walked away and I still don’t know why. It was my first girlfriend.”

 Vanessa Montoya, Education

 “I got told he wanted to meet up with me to tell me something sweet. I met up with him and he dumped me. He said it was better for both of us.”

 Eileen Pino, Nursing

 “The worst way was through a text message and the worst thing is that I bumped into him 30 minutes later. It was awkward.”

 Roger Iglehart, Airgan Maintenance Tech

 “I caught my girlfriend at the time sleeping with my best friend on Valentine’s Day. So the only thing I like about Valentine’s is the Valentine’s Day Massacre.”

 Morgan Gangwar, Networking Engineering

 “With a paper airplane; it said ‘we’re done.’”

DIY’s from the heart

By Shaya Rogers, Staff Reporter | Photos By Shaya Rogers

 While some people may enjoy diamond jewelry or other extravagant gifts, many prefer thoughtful, homemade presents from their loved ones. Here are a few simple DIY gifts that really say “I love you.”

Tissue Paper Flowers

These flowers can be made with one or several colors for a many-hued bouquet. These are easy to make, have a fun and creative look, and best of all, they will never die.


                        A pack of tissue paper


                        Straws or Wire (for stems)


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Things to do on Valentine’s Day

By Shaya Rogers, Staff Reporter | Graphics by Jonathan Gamboa

Here are a few fun options for couples


A pampering trip to the spa

 Mark Pardo Salon and Spa is running a Valentine’s Day special for women who want to look extra special for date night.

For $35, the package includes a professional makeup application, a shampooing and a blowout.

Mark Pardo Salon and Spa

1100 Juan Tabo NE

Feb. 14 and 15

By appointment only 298-2983

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Gobs of jobs

By Daniel Johnson, Staff Reporter

Job Connection Center to host job fair

A job fair hosting more than 40 employers will be open to current CNM students and alumni, said Job Connection Services Manager Anna Watkins.

The job fair will be held at the Workforce Training Center located at 5600 Eagle Rock Ave. NE, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 27, she said.

“We want all students and grads to show up because we have employ­ers waiting to hire them,” said Watkins.

All employers partici­pating in the job fair are required to have available positions for attendees, she said.

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Happy Singles Appreciation Day

By Shaya Rogers, Staff Reporter | Graphics By Jasmine Chavez


 For those who are single and proud, here are some fun things to do that do not require awkward dates.

You do it better yourself anyways

Self Serve, Albuquerque’s Sexuality Resource Center, is hosting a Valentine’s happy hour.

Wine tasting and chocolate samples will be offered.

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than breaking in a new toy?

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