Healthy options may be coming soon to campus cafeterias

By Daniel Johnson, Investigative Reporter

Sodexo, the company that prepares and serves food for Main, Montoya and Westside campuses will be ready to switch to more locally grown foods if it is requested by the administration, said Sodexo Campus Services General Manager Greg Fullmer.

Fullmer’s comments came after the New Mexico Grown Fresh Produce for Meals Bill, HB338 passed the committee and moved to the Finance and Appropriations committee.

The bill would mandate that funding be provided for New Mexico K-12 public and charter schools for the purchase of local fruits and vegetables for school meals beginning in 2014, accord­ing to the New Mexico leg­islature website.

Administration mem­bers of CNM control pricing and food choices in the cafeterias, so if they request a change in menu, Sodexo will make the changes, he said.

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Administration explores solutions to faculty paycheck mix-ups

By Jyllian Roach, Editor-In-Chief

 Instructors were recently asked by the Marketing and Communications Department to take a survey regarding past payroll difficulties in an attempt to streamline the payroll process.

The online survey was avail­able to part and full time instruc­tors from Feb. 11 to Feb. 22 as a way for instructors to give their opinions and ideas on how to better handle faculty payroll, said Director of Marketing and Communications Brad Moore.

Faculty members’ pay can be tricky because of added or dropped classes, special projects and added assignments, which have caused errors on some pay­checks, he said.

“The project team is look­ing into the payroll process for possible areas for improvement to make sure all paychecks are accurate the first time to avoid having to make adjustments on the next paycheck,” said Moore.

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Film tax increase bill offers hope to students, industry

By Rene Thompson, Staff Reporter

New legislation to the Film Bill could raise the Tax Incentive cap for the filming industry, and film students as well as local members of the film industry could be affected by these changes for the better.

The “Breaking Bad bill” would raise the tax incen­tive for television shows filmed in New Mexico that hire New Mexico residents for 60 percent of their crew from 25 percent to 30 per­cent as an offset to the $50 million cap that was placed on the incentive in 2011.

The bill has already passed the House of Representatives and is moving onto the Senate, according to the New Mexico Legislature website.

Full-time Film Instructor and Local 480 Film Technician Union member Jim Graebner said raising the bill is cru­cial because it means there will be more opportunities for television shows to be filmed in New Mexico.

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Editorial: Students should not have to wait for legislative vote for healthy food options

By The CNM Chronicle Editorial Board

 Admi n i s t r a t i o n should begin offering healthy food options in the cafeteria now, rather than waiting to consider the idea after the health food bill for K-12 students passes.

In “Healthy options may be coming soon to campus cafeterias” on the front page, Marketing and Communications Director Brad Moore was quoted as saying that CNM would discuss the possibility of healthier foods in the cafeteria only after the bill passed for public and charter schools. This is, at best, an irre­sponsible idea.

The cafeterias on Main, Montoya and Westside campuses offer no meals that are healthy and substantial in size.

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Chit Chat: What three things would you want to have if stranded on a deserted island

By Daniel Johnson, Investigative Reporter

Jocelyn Hernandez, Business

“Food, books to read and my family to keep me company.”

Joely Morales, Psychology

“A lighter for fire, a book to read and a phone to stay in touch.”

 Adam Dyba, Engineering

“Beer, a good book and a weapon of some sort for hunting.”

 Carl Decimus, Civil Engineering

“Water, Alicia Keys to keep me focused and a GPS device so I can know where I am.”

 Alex Cordova, Physics

“Copper wire, a really big magnet and a knife. The magnet and copper wire will allow me to make electricity so I can start my own civilization.”

 Ashley Liptok, Pre-Health Sciences,  

“Matches, water and Chuck Norris for protection.”

 Gladys Monroy, Biology

“My whole family, food and clothes so we are not running around butt naked.”

Cosmetology grad blows out the competition

By Shaya Rogers, Features Reporter

 Cosmetology gradu­ate Molly Erickson is the proud owner of Brilliant Hair Studio, she said.

The full service salon was formed in 2010 by Erickson and her business partner Kerry Dickson, but it never would have happened were it not for the education she received at CNM, said Erickson.

“I probably would have never opened a salon had I never gone there. I wouldn’t know where to start and I know I wouldn’t be a third of the hairstylist I am if I hadn’t gone to CNM,” she said.

The Cosmetology program focuses on sev­eral aspects of the beauty industry, and gave her a well-rounded education that has impressed veteran stylists, she said.

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Organization opens assistance to homeless students

By Daniel Johnson, Investigative Reporter

 The New Day Youth and Family Services organization is introduc­ing a transitional living program for 17 to 21 year olds, said New Day Housing Continuum Director and Life Skills Academy Director Evone Zander.

To join the transi­tional living program, students are required to fill out a confiden­tial online application form at and attend the life skills academy for one month.

While in the appli­cation process, students can elect to stay at the group’s shelter and will work with a specialist to determine if they are classifiable as homeless, she said.

“Helping people while educating them to survive in the world today is our main goal,” said Zander.

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Trades program welcomes 2,000+ middle, high school students at open house

By Shaya Rogers, Features Reporter

 Main campus hosted more than 2,000 middle and high school students during a recent open house to promote the trades pro­grams, said Hospitality and Tourism Instructor Dr. David Mack Jackson.

Tours were held throughout different buildings on campus during the Feb. 22 event to educate students on the various programs through hands on, visual learning, he said.

“The first goal is to increase awareness so the community knows what we do here. The second goal is to try to get them to come to CNM, so they’ll know the options that they have,” he said.

The Marketing and Communications Office put together the event with the help of dozens of volunteers that included staff and students, he said.

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