Month: March 2013

A Rainbow of Sexuality

By Jyllian Roach, Editor-in-Chief Editor’s note: this interview was originally three and a half hours in length. For space concerns the inter­view was edited to include only the most relevant information. Sexual identification is a personal and often varied thing. The CNM Chronicle sat down with a group […]

Saying no: Why some choose abstinence

By Shaya Rogers, Features Reporter Jaden Cowboy, a senior at Native American Community Academy High School, said she is committed to remaining a virgin until marriage because she wants sex to be meaningful and special. “I just think it’s some¬thing really special and you should wait and share […]

Play time

By Adriana Avila, Managing Editor and Rene Thompson, Staff Reporter How to buy and use the right toy   Shopping for sex toys can be tough for those who do not know what to search for. With the vast variety of toys, the frustration of not knowing what to […]

Shopping with ideals

By Shaya Rogers, Features Reporter Living in a capitalist society often means that people must vote with their money. It can be difficult to find businesses that support beliefs that one holds dear. To ease the headache of such a search, the CNM Chronicle has put together a […]

Safe, sane, and consensual

Safe, sane and consensual: Exploring the World of BDSM By Rene Thompson, Staff Reporter The world of BDSM, or bondage; discipline; sadism and masochism, is often misunderstood by those who do not live the lifestyle. BDSM can seem extreme by those who see sex in a more conventional way, […]