Month: May 2013

Students petition to keep cadaver practice

By: Jamison Wagner, Staff Reporter Health major students are currently petitioning to keep the practice of cadavers from being dropped by spring of 2014, said Dr. Anne Michels, full-time Biology instructor. The instructors were informed in February of this year that the school will be discontinuing practice on […]

1500 say “No to GMO”

By Rene Thompson|Editor-in-Chief The Albuquerque March Against Monsanto had a great turnout, with more than 1500 people attending, said event coordinator Chris Perkins. Organizers confirmed that two million people marched in 50 countries worldwide to protest the Monsanto Corporation and the use of genetically modified foods. The Saturday […]

“May the Schwartz be with you”

By: Shaya Rogers, Managing Editor Inhabitants of Burque host film festival Summertime is all about enjoying the outdoors and the Film and Food Festival created by Inhabitants of Burque wants to give Burquenos the chance to do just that, said creator and operator Leo York. On Sunday, June […]

Editorial: Volume 19 Issue 2

It is a right and not a privilege to know exactly what is being put into foods and how they are made. Most people do not know that the majority of food being consumed in America contains some ingredients that are genetically modified in some way. Monsanto has […]