Month: June 2013

CNM to reduce loans, increase work-study

By Daniel Montaño, Staff Reporter Editor’s note: It is important to note that everyone’s financial aid situation is different on a case-by-case basis. Students should call 224- 3090 to schedule an appointment with a finan­cial advisor to discuss any financial aid concerns. Starting in the fall 2013 semester, […]

Where are we, Arizona?

By: the CNM Chronicle Edi­torial Board One of the best things about the state of New Mexico is the cultural diversity, including the cultures that take pride in their native tongues and regional dialects. In the article, “Student speaks out about Whole Foods incident” the Chronicle talked to […]

Bringing the canvas to the campus

By: Adriana Avila Senior Reporter | Photo by: Rene Thompson Temporary art is coming to Main campus. Fine Arts instructor Danielle Miller said the Arts Practices I course is creating art that can be shared in unusual places around the community. While the class does focus on traditional […]