Month: September 2015

Online academic advisment

By Whitney Oliphant, Staff Reporter Students who are unable to meet with an academic advisor in person can now do so online, through email, or they can request a phone call according to the CNM webpage. There are still some things that have to be taken care of in […]

CNM Scholarships

BY Edgar Gonzalez, Staff reporter In order to receive the most help everyone should fill out a FAFSA form which will indicate how much help you are able to receive, said Brian Melton at the CNM financial aid department. If someone is unable to receive federal aid, there are […]

CNM’s new transfer website

By Stephanie Stuckey,Staff Reporter A new website has become available  for students that are interested in continuing their education and transferring to a four-year institution, stated Roberto Vasquez, Transfer Articulation analyst for CNM. He said the website will benefit students at all points in their academic careers. It […]