Travel Around the World in 30 Days with CNM

March 2, 2017

By Hilary Broman

Senior Staff Reporter

Around the World in 30 Days, an event celebrating global education and awareness, is scheduled to take place throughout the month of March on Main and Montoya campuses, said Ari Senghor Rosner-Salazar, event committee member.

Many events are scheduled to take place throughout the month ranging from enlightening panel discussions to dance and self-defense workshops, Salazar said.

International Education Week and International Women’s Day both take place in March, so the Around the World in 30 Days committee decided to create a month-long event that focuses on celebrating both, Salazar said.

Members of the event committee include; Ari Senghor Rosner-Salazar; Jean Silesky, Spanish instructor; Paula Smith-Hawkins, Associate Dean in CHSS; and Suzanne Buck, CHSS Faculty member, Salazar said.

Committee member, Jean Silesky, said that students can get something from every event.

“The panel discussions will be informative and the dance workshops will be fun, entertaining and relaxing,” she said.

The first event is scheduled to take place on Thursday, March 2nd and it will be a panel discussion with the performers from “Motown the Musical,” Salazar said.

International Women’s day will be on Wednesday, March 8th and there will be various events on both Main and Montoya campuses thorough the day including; a Jiu Jitsu, “Refuse to be a Victim Workshop,” and a “Women in Non-Traditional Roles” discussion panel, Silesky said.

Anyone can participate in the self-defense workshop, Silesky said.

“By no means is it just for women,” she said.

The “Women in Non-Traditional Roles” panel will include women who have professions in fields such as math, science, computer programming and law enforcement, Silesky said.

There will be a belly dance demonstration from a part time CNM instructor on Thursday, March 9th in the Main Campus Cafeteria, she said.

“With a snake!” Silesky said.

The “International Travel Panel” will include instructors who have either lived or studied abroad or who are from other countries and they will be sharing their experiences with the audience, Silesky said.

That panel is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, March 22nd, she said.

There are three dance workshops scheduled where students can learn African dance, Flamenco dance and Salsa dance, Silesky said.

“We think those are fun things that students would love to do,” she said.

There will be huge world maps at Main and Montoya campuses where students can put a push pin in a place where they are from or have lived for an extended period of time, she said.

“It will show that there already is a global presence at CNM that we are unaware of”, Silesky said, “We are called a community college and I think that makes people think small and local when really our community and Albuquerque in general is much more, people are from everywhere.”

The maps will be located in H Commons at Montoya campus and in SRC at Main campus, she said.

Around the World in 30 Days is about new learning experiences taking place outside of the classroom, Salazar said.

Silesky also thinks it is important to create a community outside of the classroom, she said.

“The focus is on the students,” she said, “Community building is really important for us and making students feel welcome at all times on campus.”

Students interested in attending any of the events do not need to sign up beforehand and they can attend as many events as they want.

“We want to encourage our students to participate, even if they can only come for 15 minutes between a class, or maybe if they are working on campus, during a break,” Salazar said, “We want as many people as possible to come to as many of these events as they can get to.”

It’s important to have a global perspective, Salazar said.

“We live in a big world and it’s important for folks to be aware of differences,” he said, “It’s never a bad thing to understand different cultural ways of communicating and different political and religious differences.”

For the past two years CNM held an event for National Foreign Languages Week, but it was too hard to squeeze all the events into one week, Salazar said, Around the World in 30 Days is an expansion of that event.

This event is sponsored by The Executive Counsel of Students, The Around the World in 30 Days Committee and Connect Services, Salazar said.

For a full schedule of events click here.


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