Sounds of a Ball Game Reverberate

Story and Photos

by Mark Graven

Staff Writing

Front of Isotopes Stadium

Walking through the parking lot of CNM’s Student Service Center on the sunny afternoon of May 25th, sounds of a ball game were reverberating.
Looking over the fence on the South side of CNM’ main campus, one could see fans in the stands at Isotopes Stadium.
An organ player was revving up the crowd with traditional baseball motivators like the “Charge” cheer; “Day-O, Day-O,” and Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.”
The Albuquerque Isotopes were hosting the Oklahoma City Dodgers. The score of the game ended up 12 to 0, in favor of the Dodgers, but sports were back, in an area where they had been dormant because of the covid pandemic.
So there appeared to be some joy in ABQ, even though the home team had struck out. Fans were in the stands, and cars were filling the parking lots. Baseball was bringing the New Mexico sports Mecca–which also includes University Stadium for UNM Lobo football and “The Pit” basketball arena– back to life.
Folks can checks the Isotopes website for the schedule of games and ticket prices.

The Cost of College Could Change

Story by

Angela Harrington

Staff Reporter

United States President Joe Biden unveiled on April 28, 2021, the American Families Plan, which according to a Fact Sheet released on the same day by is a plan that is going to offer 2 years of community college to all Americans, including DREAMers.

It also proposes to provide an increase in the amount of individual Pell Grant awards by an additional $1,400 per student and allow DREAMers to access Pell Grants as well.

The Plan would also provide two years of free universal pre-K education, make child care more affordable, provide twelve weeks of paid family and medical leave to employees, as well as additional provisions. 

Through legislative processes, Congress will consider the proposal.

The House and Senate have to pass the bill before it can take effect.

If the bill does not receive bipartisan support, then it may onlybe able to pass through a reconciliation vote, which requires only a simple majority vote in the Senate. 

The money to finance this plan will come from taxes according to, but the majority of Americans will not feel the impact of those taxes.

The taxes will be taken from people who make $400,000 or more annually. 


To read more about the proposed plan check out this link:

To learn more about what a reconciliation vote is and how it works, check out this link:

Coyote Incursion at Montoya

Photos and Story by

Mark Graven

Staff Wildlife Reporter

While the pandemic has brought human activity at CNM’s Joseph M. Montoya Campus to a minimum, it appears that some coyotes are attempting to reclaim the domain for the Animal Kingdom. The coyotes have created a base in the drainage tunnels under G Building, according to CNM postings. Signs have been placed in a variety of places around Montoya campus warning humans of increased coyote sightings in the area. Nestled in the foothills of the Sandia Mountain in Northeast Albuquerque, the campus is fairly open to nature. Photos taken May 20th.

A Celebration with Sol

Story and Photos by

Angela Harrington

Staff Reporter

CNM’s first ever post virtual graduation ceremony celebration was a success!
Graduating students and their friends and families lined up in their vehicles to make their way through the Smith-Brasher parking lot on Saturday May 1st, and patiently waited to be cheered and revered for the successes they have accomplished.
Sol the Suncat was there to make sure it was a lively time!
The route was lined with faculty and staff, clapping and waving, as each graduate rolled up and got out of their vehicle to be presented with a beautiful diploma cover and other school memorabilia.
As the traditional Pomp and Circumstance March played over the loud speaker, Dean of Students Chris Cavazos busily coordinated the announcement of each graduate’s name as they arrived.
CNM President Tracy Hartzler greeted the graduates and happily posed for quick photos with them as they made their way around the stage area, where CNM Board Members and additional faculty were waiting to congratulate them.
There was no shortage of enthusiasm or elation at the socially distanced and masked celebration.

See slide show below