Vaccination Mandate Approved by CNM Governing Board

By Daniel Johnson

Editor in Chief

The Zoom Governing Board meeting held on Wednesday August 8th which consisted of Chairman Thomas Swisstack, Pauline Garcia, James Chavez, Annette Chavez y De La Cruz, Nancy Baca and Robert Schoenfelder voted, in a roll call vote, to approve CNM President Tracy Hartzler’s plan for a vaccine and mask mandate as presented on the CNM website– A Vote to Affirm the Mandatory Covid Vaccination Policy for Faculty Staff, and Students.

In casting his vote, Swisstack said the measure was necessary to protect folks at CNM from “the more contagious Delta Variant” (of the Covid-19 Virus.)

 Baca applauded President Hartzler for her hard work in putting together the policy.

No other questions, comments, or discussion, on the mandate were discussed at that time measure.

At its Public work meeting of August 4, the board had asked President Hartzler to consult with legal counsel as to whether a board vote was necessary to make the mandatory vaccine policy effective, or whether she had authority to implement the policy on her own.

The meeting on August 8th was originally scheduled for in person at Smith-Brasher Hall, but Swisstak said he switched it to remote, because, under President Harztler’s policy, the board members would have been required to wear masks, and that he has a hard time hearing people speaking through masks.

A Message

Photo by

Mark Graven

Staff Writer

Electronic Sign

The electronic sign in front of CNM’s Security Building was flashing a forward looking message on Thursday, August 12, to passers-by on University Boulevard: “Create Your Future at CNM.”  Currently “about 14,000” students are enrolled at CNM, according to  President Tracy Hartzler–which she told the Governing Board on August 10, is down approximately 11 percent from this time last year.  Enrollment was 25,760 in the Fall of 2015, according to the CNM Fact Book–off a peak of more than 29,700 students in 2011.