It Pays to CARE 

Story by 

Jonathan Wolfgang

Staff Reporter

CNM financial aid is offering $500 scholarships to all students taking at least one credit hour during the summer semester with disbursements beginning the first week of June, the funds are intended to alleviate pandemic induced obstacles, says Director of Enrolment Management and Operational Technology Rosenda Milnella. 

Funding for the scholarship comes from the Cares act and is indented to help students overcome any obstacles the pandemic might have thrown at them, she said. 

“We definitely want to see students persevere and graduate because it can be life changing”, she said.

Students must elect to use the disbursement towards tuition, otherwise they’ll receive the disbursement directly rather than covering outstanding tuition, she says.

An extension has been given for the cares act funding, hinting at the possibility for a fall disbursement as well. The department has yet to make determination because of the unanticipated extension, she says.