Bargain battle

By: Carrie Rakevich, Staff Reporter Employee contract negotiations stalled The CNM Employees Union and the administration have come to an impasse in negotiations over the wording of a contract clause, said former union president Donna Swanson. The clause would allow union member salaries to be cut if nonunion employees have to take a pay cut because […]

(from left clockwise) Volunteers Kathy Meidel, Clarissa Skets, Brendan Donahoe, and Alissia McFee make bones to be exhibited in front of the nation’s capitol to protest genocide around the world.

Making bones to fight breaking bones

 By: Stefany Olivas, Staff Reporter Creative Writing major and UNM student Travis Hanson is copresident of the UNM chapter of One Million Bones, a collaborative art project to raise awareness for genocide. The project is part of a larger nationwide initiative to raise awareness about genocide around the […]

The verdict is in:

By: Stefany Olivas, Staff Reporter Theatre department performs to a packed house The CNM theatre department performed their spring produc­tion, “Twelve Angry Jurors,” at The Vortex Theater in front of a packed house. Instructor Susan Erickson directed the play, which is a gender-neutral adaptation of the 1950s play […]