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Staci Bostic-Baros – Staff Reporter |

Staci Bostic-Baros is working on an associate’s degree in Human Services, which will be completed at the end of the 2019 spring semester at CNM. After that, she plans on going to the Albuquerque branch of Highland University to get her master’s degree in social work and she wants to help lead future generations. She is also passionate about helping the LGBTQ+ community fight discrimination and systemic issues. Attending CNM is a great way to get started because of the great instructors, how easy the whole process is, and the variety of experiences offered through student employment. Staci has attended CNM in the past and said the recent renovations have really made the campus more accessible. As of fall 2018, she works as a staff reporter for the CNM Chronicle. She hopes the skills she is  currently learning while working for the Chronicle, such as time management, interacting with a variety of people and meeting deadlines, will help her as she furthers her education as well as into her future career.

Audrey Callaway Scherer –  Senior Staff Reporter |

Audrey started CNM fall of 2017 for degrees in business and political science. Audrey loves to write and is grateful for the opportunity to work at the Chronicle because of the supportive team members, being able to talk to the community and gaining the practice and knowledge to become a better writer for her future endeavors. She would love to see the Chronicle accessed as a community resource. Audrey’s background in finance has led her to want to have a business of her own someday, so she can have a direct influence on changing laws to empower people with fewer resources. Audrey plans to receive her Associates in spring of 2020.In her free time, Audrey enjoys the outdoors, traveling (although she is afraid to fly) and watching DC Universe shows on Netflix.

Hailey Tolleson – Photographer  & Web Design|

Hailey Tolleson, CNM Chronicle Photographer and web designer started at CNM during the Fall of 2015. Currently pursuing degrees in Liberal Arts Psychology and Theater, Tolleson will graduate Spring of 2019. She is currently the President of the Improv Club. Starting with the CNM Chronicle in 2017 as a staff reporter, her first article was published detailing a newly placed statue named “Growth and Strength” which is located on the south side of the Main Campus library. Hailey’s second article highlighted the creation of a digital storytelling class.Not enjoying the life of a reporter very much, Tolleson took on multiple new positions since 2017. She has become the official photographer, as well as taking on web design and editing duties for the CNM Chronicle.

Ashley Shickler – Staff Reporter |

Ashley is studying to receive a degree in Criminology and is scheduled to graduate after the summer of 2019. She loves coffee and likes talking to people and considers herself to be intuitive, welcoming, and genuine while trying to never be judgmental. She likes working for the Chronicle particularly because she can communicate with different groups and organizations to find out what’s important and happening on campus. She would like to help make a difference in the world and has always been interested in investigations and may become a criminal profiler. She believes it would be great to combine her passion and analytical skills into a career. After CNM, she plans to go to UNM to finish a bachelor’s and work on a master’s. For fun, she loves improv and anything that involves theater or film, and watches crime drama shows on Netflix. She occasionally models or acts as extras in TV shows and movies. She loves traveling, wants to do more of it, and would like to go to Barcelona. She will be 35 in 2019, has been married and a step-mom for 7 years, and loves to hang with their Pitbull-Lab mix, Boston


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