Making Jewelry, Making a Life

By Ashley Shickler, Staff reporter Marco Rivera, a Teaching major, designs jewelry located at the Fuse makersplace, a design community center partnered with CNM. His favorite thing about working in the jewelry studio is the opportunities of professional development that come along with working with entrepreneurs and artists, […]

Cadets in the classroom

By Ashley Shickler, Staff reporter Matthew Thomas, criminal justice interim affairs director, said that a new program that will be taking place at CNM in January 2019 is a team up with the Albuquerque Police Department to provide police academy training for agency sponsored cadets. The program will […]

Meet Jessica Mills

By Staci Bostic-Baros, Staff Reporter Photos by Hailey Tolleson, Staff Photographer   Full time CHSS faculty member Jessica Mills, believes community colleges are a real service to the public because the quality of education is on par with more expensive forms of education. Professor Mills started at CNM […]

Ghost of the Grisly Gift of Gab

  Hailey Tolleson/Chronicle photo A display by CNM’s Automotive Technology Program warns visitors against driving and chatting or texting on a phone at the School of Applied Technologies’ haunted house and food drive on Oct. 26. The full message on the car says, “Put Your Phone Away.” The […]