Editorial: Bad Politics

Presidential campaign­ing is out of control. Negative campaigning brings nothing to the table when it comes to choosing the nation’s leader. Its only purpose is to distort facts and hook people through buzz words and indignant retellings.

Candidates on all sides have dropped to the lowest common denominator, bad­gering one another and using quotes out of context to make another candidate look bad.

It has become increas­ingly important to fact check and research every political article, ad and speech because candidates no longer care about proving to Americans that they are the best candi­date – it’s all about making the other guy look terrible.

Super Pacs and biased media are supposedly not affiliated with a given can­didate. Although it is clear which side certain media groups and Pacs are on, can­didates deny them have any connection to their campaign.

An ad released by pro- Obama pac, Priorities USA, makes it seem like Romney is responsible for former GST Steel worker Joe Soptic’s wife’s death from cancer. The ad leaves out important facts and twists Soptic’s story.

According to the PAC ad, Romney’s company Bain Capital closed the plant Soptic worked at, causing his family to lose their insurance. His wife had cancer and they were no longer able to pay for it and unfortunately, she passed.

In reality, his wife still had insurance from her employer, Saver’s Thrift Store. It wasn’t until a few years later that she was diag­nosed with cancer and died.

On the other side, Obama is getting bashed for his speech on how the entire American system supported individuals in building their businesses.

He encourages Americans to say “We built that,” as a nation with a sup­port system. Instead anti- Obama media takes the speech out of context to make it seem like the U.S govern­ment is taking credit for creat­ing small businesses.

Presidential campaign­ing has become more about who can be the biggest bully in the schoolyard, rather than who can best run the country.

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