How to: Getting on the Dean’s List

By: Daniel Johnson, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Scott M. Roberts, Photojournalist

Business Administration major Angelica Manzanares said she is interested in being on the dean’s list, but does not know where to look for the requirements.

The dean’s list, a nationally recog­nized honor for high-achieving students, is achieved by main­taining 3.5 gpa while completing 12 or more college-level credit hours in a single term, said Vice President of Academic Affairs Sydney Gunthorpe.

“Hard work and commitment are required to excel at that level,” said Gunthorpe.

In some ways, it is similar to the honor roll in high school but at the college level it is very different because of the amount of work put into a single term, he said.

“In college you get 15 weeks for a class instead of the nine month period you are given in high school,” said Gunthorpe.

Manzanares said she knows it can help with scholarship applications and that it looks good on a resumé, which is why she is striving to achieve it. The list is something that not many students are aware of, she said.

“I did not know about the dean’s list until I was in my third term here at CNM,” said Manzanares.

Gunthorpe said the dean’s list has few rewards but it comes down to a personal goal for excellence. A student must be dedicated and willing to make the effort to achieve the dean’s list, he said.

“It is not something everyone can achieve even though I wish everyone would try,” said Gunthorpe.

Gunthorpe said the information is on the CNM website and if students do achieve the list they will be notified in some way by the Academic Affairs office.

“We used to send out a letter, but since con­tact information is not always up to date, we are switching to email noti­fication for future recipi­ents,” said Gunthorpe.

The amount of work that must be put into achieving the dean’s list may be hard to handle for single parents or students with full-time jobs, since it requires the use of per­sonal time, he said.

Manzanares said being on the dean’s list is something she strives for as a single mother so she can show the stu­dent body that anything is possible.

“It would just be awe­some to actually pull it off and make it on the dean’s list,” said Manzanares.

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