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By: Adriana Avila, Managing Editor

Graduate featured in gallery exhibit

Art History and Studio Art graduate Maureen Hendrick will be the spotlight artist in the Park Fine Art Gallery’s exhibit “Loved to Death” Feb. 1 to March 8.

Hendrick graduated from CNM in 2010 and said the exhibit is titled after her artwork. Her work is a still life nar­rative with a symbolic and conceptual style, she said.

“It’s based on still life, but it’s conceptual still life and it’s still life narra­tive because it tells a story,” said Hendrick.

She said when brush meets canvas, the pas­sion flows into painting her separate ideas and ties her pieces together in an unusual way.

“I’m passionate about these ideas and I want to share these ideas. If people would stop and learn what my vision is about; that’s what would make me happy,” she said.

The idea behind her art is that it is psychologi­cally and emotionally con­trasting to what is seen at first, she said. Her art is about hope.

“I don’t tend to be a very scary person but when you look at these images it’s a little unset­tling because of how I painted them, but they all have a story about them and once you understand the story then it’s all positive and hopeful,” said Hendrick.

She said there is a particular painting featured in the gallery, entitled “Unassumed Awareness,” that is her favorite because of the meaning.

“My mother passed away and it has some symbolism in there that nobody would know about, but when I see it I think of my mother,” said Hendrick.

The time she spent at CNM was important to her artwork in many ways, she said. When she was a member of the Art Club, she said the group put together an art show and invited jurors from the community to judge the show.

She said that one of the jurors, Josh Franco, referred her to an international exhibit at Park Fine Art where only a select number of art­ists were invited to submit one piece to travel internationally.

One of her pieces was selected for the travelling exhibit, she said.

“From here it goes to Beijing, China, and Seoul, South Korea, and last year it went to two places in Istanbul, Turkey,” said Hendrick.

Hendrick said she learned every­thing she knows about art at CNM and even though learn­ing does not leave stu­dents with a robe and tassel, she is satisfied with the education she received. She firmly believes the Art pro­gram is better in terms of artist preparation.

“The Art Career Concerns class was a huge class. It’s such valuable information because it gives you all of the tools to make your own portfolio and write your own artist statement, approach gal­leries and how to have a show,” said Hendrick.

The breadth of knowl­edge offered in each of the art classes is discussed in depth and the principles she learned were thor­ough, she said.

“I highly recom­mend the classes here to have all of the knowledge and infor­mation and everything needed to be able to be a working artist because it really gives you confi­dence in everything you need to accomplish that goal,” said Hendrick.

Since graduating from CNM, Hendrick said she has participated in several art shows and has won two best of show awards and three first place awards in the ama­teur division.

‘Loved to Death’ art exhibit

  • Park Fine Art Gallery
  • Galleria, lower level
  • 20 First Plaza NW
  • Suite 27
  • Albuquerque, NM 87102
  • 764-1900
  • contact@parkfineart.com
  • Feb. 1 ‑ 8, 2013 | 5 to 8 p.m.

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