Winograd launches community blog

By: Shaya Rogers, Staff Reporter

President Kathie Winograd’s new blog is designed to encourage discussion on a variety of topics that relate to campus life for student, staff and faculty, she said.

The blog, located at, will incorporate news and information on a variety of topics relating to the com­munity, she said.

“I think this blog has great potential because I know that the CNM community is home to a wonderful marketplace of ideas,” said Winograd.

Her blog officially launched on Jan. 31 with a post entitled “Spring Break – Should It Stay? Or Should It Go?” which dis­cussed the pros and cons of Spring Break.

Winograd decided to start the blog as a way to give employees and stu­dents a voice and to engage with many different out­looks, she said.

“I saw this blog as another means of encouraging dialogue and conversation, which would allow us to share and hear ideas and perspectives that might be extremely valuable or enlighten­ing,” she said.

Giving students and employees an outlet to share their thoughts about significant issues is some­thing that will be benefi­cial to the school, she said.

“My hope is that stu­dents and employees will share their ideas on impor­tant topics related to our college,” she said.

Since students deal with many different stresses, from school­work to outside factors, Winograd would like the blog to serve as a support system, she said.

“I’ll post about the many challenges that students face in these unusual times and I’ll ask for ideas about how we can provide them more support,” she said.

The educational system is always changing and educating the com­munity while giving them a chance to chime in is one of her main goals, she said.

“I will be posting a lot about the changing land­scape of education and the specific challenges that CNM will need to address as we move for­ward,” she said.

Participating in dia­logue about issues that matter to students and employees will prove as an outlet for the progress of our community, she said.

“I’m hopeful that this kind of interactive, online format will encourage more employees and stu­dents to engage in lively, productive conversations that benefit us all,” she said.

Director of Marketing and Communications Brad Moore said the blog will be managed by the Marketing and Communications staff, who will help Winograd oversee the blog.

“Communications staff will help President Winograd keep an eye on the blog, so she knows when to post timely responses,” he said.

Once the blog starts to grow, the vice presi­dents will also have a hand in the direction and infor­mation posted on the blog, he said.

“The plan is to also have vice presidents post to the blog as it develops,” he said.

To chat with Winograd, visit blogging.

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