Editorial: Students should not have to wait for legislative vote for healthy food options

By The CNM Chronicle Editorial Board

 Admi n i s t r a t i o n should begin offering healthy food options in the cafeteria now, rather than waiting to consider the idea after the health food bill for K-12 students passes.

In “Healthy options may be coming soon to campus cafeterias” on the front page, Marketing and Communications Director Brad Moore was quoted as saying that CNM would discuss the possibility of healthier foods in the cafeteria only after the bill passed for public and charter schools. This is, at best, an irre­sponsible idea.

The cafeterias on Main, Montoya and Westside campuses offer no meals that are healthy and substantial in size.

Health food options seem to be relegated to snack-sized proportions, but with unreasonable prices. A 12-ounce veg­etable cup is $1.99, a 12-ounce fruit cup is $2.99 and three hard-boiled eggs can be pur­chased for $1.49.

These prices do not compare well with $3.39 for a hamburger, $2.39 for a large slice of pizza or $3.99 for a sandwich wrap.

Students dining on healthier fare will either pay much more or eat far less than a student eating less nutritious options.

This is not to say that pizzas or burgers should not be offered, but on a student’s budget, the prices and options avail­able in the cafeterias almost guarantee that students will purchase the unhealthy choices most of the time.

The cafeterias on campus would do well to preempt the food bill in the legislature and act now to promote healthy life­styles for students by offer­ing comparably priced – and sized – healthy meals.

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