Shopping with ideals

By Shaya Rogers, Features Reporter

Living in a capitalist society often means that people must vote with their money. It can be difficult to find businesses that support beliefs that one holds dear.

To ease the headache of such a search, the CNM Chronicle has put together a list of businesses that self-identify as LGBT-friendly and a list of businesses that support marriage between only a man and a woman.

This list is a small sampling of businesses on either side of the fence. Most businesses will openly state their policy on the LGBT community either on their website or when directly phoned and asked.

Businesses identified as supporting marriage between a man and a woman were identified through

Sexuality Resources

Here is a list of sexuality-related resources in the Albuquerque area.

• American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico 266-5915

• Birthright of Albuquerque, Inc.

3228 Candelaria Road NE


Common Bond New Mexico Online Community Center


• New Mexico AIDS Services

625 Truman Street. NE


• Rape Crisis Center of Central New Mexico

9741 Candelaria Road NE


• Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico

4100 Silver Ave. SE



Businesses that identify as LGBT-friendly

Buffalo Exchange Clothing Stores

Off Broadway

Blackbird Buvette

Flying Star

Betty’s Bath and Day Spa

Hotel Parq Central

Nativo Lodge

Businesses that support marriage between one man and one woman


Urban Outfitters


Salvation Army

Exxon Mobile

Blake’s Lotaburger

Cinemark Theatres

New Mexico’s LGBT history in a timeline

1976 – The Juniper and Metropolitan Community Church holds Albuquerque’s first Gay Pride Parade, drawing 25 participants.

1981 – New Mexico Gay Men’s Chorus, then known as the Brash Ensemble, is founded.

1983 – Albuquerque Social Club opens.

1986 – New Mexico Gay Rodeo is founded.

1997 – Inaugural Miss Pride Albuquerque pageant is held.

2004 – Victoria Dunlap, a Sandoval County clerk, issues marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

2004 – A district court judge issues a restraining order against Dunlap, forbidding her to issue further same-sex licenses.

2008 – Two bills, one that would prohibit same-sex marriage and another that would allow it, both fail in the legislature.

2009 – Legislation to allow same-sex couples domestic partnership is voted down by the State Senate.

2010 – A second domestic partnership bill is defeated by a Senate committee.

2010 – A constitutional amendment to limit marriage to opposite-sex couples is defeated.

2010 – A Santa Fe judge rules that the same-sex marriage licenses issued in 2004 were invalid.

2011 – The New Mexico Attorney General issues an opinion that same-sex marriages performed in other states should be recognized in New Mexico.

2013 – A resolution to put a constitutional amendment allowing same-sex marriage on the 2014 ballot was defeated.

2013 – A resolution to put a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage on the 2014 ballot was defeated.

2013 – Santa Fe Mayor David Coss announces that a resolution to recognize same-sex marriage will be introduced at the next city council meeting.

2013 – Two same-sex couples file a lawsuit against the state after being denied marriage licenses in Albuquerque.

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