Welcome to college, now get to work

Editorial, By the Chronicle Editorial Board

Getting involved in school is one of the best ways to ensure success.
Attending college for the first time can be a daunting experience and students may be juggling family life or may not know exactly what is expected of them. Tapping into the resources CNM has to offer will not only help stress levels, but will make the college experience a whole one.
CNM has a wide range of resources set out for those who need them, but it is up to the student to utilize these resources. The Disability Resource Center, The Vet Success Program (as mentioned in the story “Veterans services available at CNM”), and CNM Connect can all be of assistance.
In addition to these resources, CNM offers many opportunities to work with various student organizations. Whether it’s the Writers’ Club, the Gun Club, or the Science Fiction and Fantasy club, there is something for everyone.
Getting involved in student activities helps make the most of the college experience. Student activities provide a platform for networking with others who may have similar interests, and creates relationships that are intellectually stimulating.
If nothing else, make sure to keep in mind the tutoring services offered in the Student Resource Center. With focus on a variety of subjects, the tutors work with students one on one. Feeling stuck is never good, and the tutors will make sure that class materials are fully learned and understood.
Make sure to stay on top of your assignments and create study groups with other students. Meet with teachers during office hours and do not be afraid to ask questions.
Take responsibility of the education that CNM has to offer and remember that the most important part of success in college relies on personal responsibility and taking initiative.
New students will face challenges and could have a hard time getting started, but these resources are designed to help newcomers with any issues that may come up along the way.
Remember to keep up with class assignments, stay organized, don’t miss classes, don’t take everything so seriously and your educational experience will be an enjoyable one.

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