Thanks for the memories

Editorial, By The Chronicle Editorial Board

A group of us here at the Chronicle just got back from the Associated Collegiate Press Convention in beautiful New Orleans, and we would like to thank everyone who helped make this trip possible.

The Chronicle is run by a small group of students still learning how to write, design, and produce weekly newspa­pers, and it really is beneficial when CNM allows us to go to conventions like these so we can bring back what we have learned and make our paper better.

We hope to inform, enter­tain, and educate our readers even better now that we have learned so much at the bi-annual convention.

Even though the cost of these conventions comes from our own budget, the people here at the Chronicle would still like to acknowledge everyone who helps us to get to these conventions, who help us to achieve more and make the paper better with each issue, as well as allowing us to learn beyond our campuses.

CNM is truly a special school, because of the people who work here who believe in the students, and give students opportunities they would not otherwise have if they did not attend this great school.

So again, thank you to everyone who helps us achieve our goals of making a better paper for all of us to enjoy.

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