Autumn falls into winter

Autumn falls into winter

By Julian Clark

It felt like just less

than a month ago

it was warm


I feasted upon

the desert warm sun

and the occasional monsoon


but alas, it was

not the shortest of summers

and the longest of winters

all the same


but here were are again

back on top of autumns shelves

as if fed up

with some tiresome child


I say a lament

for an American prayer

that died somewhere

on I-25


the Jemez bore me down

and my hands still chill

from under the water

falling into my hands


one splash across the face

and I awaken to the

fall turning yellow winter

from the autumns green browns


and sense my time of suffering

is upon me

the winter has come

and it’s brought a little stank with it


but yet,

a speckle of sun

sprinkles its shine

down my spiraling spine


a reminder of winter’s promise

to spring that it can return, safely

when ready


“oh, when, oh lord can I return

to your baths of mana!”


but that is not this

this is not that time

now is the time

of death and shedding

one’s parasitic skin


all hail the god Loki

and the winter’s scathing frost

remember, the fire will only

burn the freezing cold


and with a crush of lavender

into my hand

hand me the flame

and follow me through


Who’s with me?

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