A Troubled Soul

A Troubled Soul
By Amanda Cartigiano


Being in trouble was what she loved

Even if it meant hurting others or herself

Trouble with her mother, never with her father

Destroying valuables and ruining relationships

But this is the life she chooses to live

Nobody really helps her, they just watch

Nobody realizes her problem, it just isn’t enough


Her friend was no help, she only made it worse

Her life was a witches spell or curse

She fooled everyone she knew

For there was nothing she can do


She was ten, she was alone, and she was trouble

Repetitive actions led her to nowhere but happiness

Why was she doing this, how was she doing this

she didn’t have an answer


Misunderstood and very confused was what she was

Only in the moment of her deviant actions made her happy

Danger in the streets and danger in her home

She is Elena, a girl all alone

1 thought on “A Troubled Soul”

  1. Tears filled my eyes reading this.
    So much pain your Elena is going through. Yet there is none so blind than those who choose not to see. There is nothing worse than feeling ignored. When the anger washes over her, all she knows is what she feels; there is a sense of power in the destruction, but the satisfaction is short-term. Negative attention seems better than no attention at all. Friends don’t understand. Family members become annoyed or angry. And then everything circles back.
    They say good poetry lets us glimpse the author’s soul for a fleeting moment in time. I don’t know if Elena is based on someone you know or if Elena is part of you. Whoever she may be, she is intelligent and empathetic enough to know that what she is doing makes her feel worse, not better.
    I hope you see this post. If so, and you would like to talk, post a reply on here and I will give you my email address.

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