Being part of a student organization does help students to get ahead

By The Chronicle Editorial Board

Students that take the time to get into a student based organization certainly get a much better expe­rience out of going to CNM than the average com­muter student.

There are so many reasons why student clubs are a great opportunity, but first and foremost it is because student organizations help students to see the inner workings of the school and can sometimes even have the chance of changing CNM for the better.

Not only do some student organizations open up oppor­tunities for grants and scholarships, but they also give stu­dents a sense of community, and allow them the chance to network with like-minded people who hope to achieve the same goals.

Student clubs can also help students when they leave CNM to move on to a four-year college or to help get employment when the extra effort is seen in college on a stu­dent’s resume.

It surely is worth it to invest the time and effort it takes to be in a student org., because the rewards far outweigh the efforts when students can get the true college experience and can gain friends and allies within a set community for years to come way after leaving CNM.

So, if you might be thinking of joining a student org. it truly is worth looking into, because if there is anything that you will remember from your time at CNM, it will be the people you met and connected with, and people that helped you to become the person you hope to become someday.

Student organizations can be somewhat hard to find through campus resources such as, so for a com­plete list of student organizations go to this link.

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