World Cat Local | Navigating CNM’s new library system

By Stephanie Stuckey, Staff Reporter

CNM’s new library system called World Cat Local is more of a “behind the scenes” operating system, said Renée Goodvin, Reference and Interlibrary Loan Librarian for the Jeannette Stromberg Library on Main Campus.

Transferring books from one campus library to another, placing books on hold, and renewing books are some of the behind the scenes, she said.

Renewing the library materials was a feature added during the upgrade, Goodvin said.

In order to be able to renew books or other materials, students will have to set-up an external account with World Cat Local, she said.

Students seem to get confused when logging into their World Cat Local accounts, the student needs to use their CNM student identification (ID) number rather than their email user names or log on names to CNM computers, she said.

She also said that World Cat Local would generate its own password after entering the CNM student ID number.

The easiest way to access the CNM library system is through the library’s webpage at and then click libraries under the Student Resources tab, she said.

Something important to remember, is that students can search for materials all they want; it is when an action is required such as placing a book on hold or renewing materials that logging into the World Cat Local account is required, Goodvin said.

Once students are logged in however, they can place holds, renew material, and see what materials they have checked-out stated Goodvin.

One of the upgrades made was to a service that through the old system was called Book Media Pick-Up and is now called Placing a Hold, and it is when a book is delivered from one campus to another, she said.

The name changed and the steps to use this function have changed as well, she said.

This new library system is the same system being used by the University of New Mexico (UNM) and allows CNM to work with UNM as well as other schools across the state because they all use the World Cat Local system, she said.

Goodvin stated that one minor downside to the new system is that because it is fairly new, there are many upgrades that have to be made in order to maintain the latest versions of the system, she said.

She has heard students saying that navigating the new system can be a little complicated, she said.

Goodvin has noticed that “students tend to be shy when it comes to asking about library materials” she said.

Goodvin encourages students who have questions regarding the new online library system to call the library, email the library staff, or just stop on by.

“We are happy to help,” she said.

If further help is needed, students can make an appointment with Goodvin by contacting the library and can get one-on-one help with the new system or other library related issues.

“It is actually my job to help people, it is what I get paid to do,” she said.

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