CNM Instructor Publishes Her 2nd Book

February 20, 2017. By Hilary Broman, Senior Staff Reporter

Rebecca Aronson, CNM English instructor, recently published her second book of poems, “Ghost Child of the Atalanta Bloom,” she said.

The book starts with a field on fire, Aronson said, it has several themes such as fire and drought, parenting and loss.

About two years ago, Aronson decided to make writing more central to her life, so she teamed up with fellow CNM English instructor, Erin Adair-Hodges, and they worked simultaneously on their manuscripts while providing each other with feedback, Aronson said.

Both Aronson and Adair-Hodges submitted their final manuscripts to press contests and both of them won, Aronson said.

Aronson’s first book, “Creature, Creature,” was published in 2007 and it was composed of a lot of work that she did in graduate school, she said.

Aronson’s poetry has changed a lot over the years and her new book reflects that, she said.

“This book feels much more true to who I am,” she said.

Amidst her busy work schedule and family time, Aronson carves out time to write, she said, even if that means forgoing a weekend event or staying up late at night.

“I feel better when I’m writing,” she said.

Aronson recalls the best piece of writing advice that she received; she was talking to another writer about grading loads and responsibilities, she said.

“She grabbed me by my shoulders and said, ‘Just know that the writing has to come first.’ Aronson said.

It’s always problematic for Aronson to find that time because she wants to give everything she does her full attention, she said.

“I want to teach with integrity, I want to give my students good feedback, I want to give my son attention and I want to give my marriage attention,” she said, “Making a commitment to yourself to do it is the best thing and not to hold yourself to too high a standard.”

Aronson participates in National Poetry Month every April where she writes a poem a day for 30 days.

“At the end of the month I have 30 terrible drafts but then at least it gets my brain moving and it’s material to start revising,” she said.

Aronson is also involved with many CNM writing events, she said, she facilitates the Main campus writing group and organizes the CNM visiting writers series.

Rebecca Aaronson’s new book Ghost Child of the Atalanta Bloom is scheduled for release on April 4, 2017.  While this is her second book to be published, Aaronson said it is just as exciting as her first book “Creature, Creature” published in 2007.  (Wade Faast/CNM Chronicle)

Aronson and Adair-Hodges also co-host a reading and music series outside of CNM called “Badmouth,” she said.

It’s a mix of performances by musicians and writers, she said.

“It’s something that we wanted to go to, but that didn’t exist, so we decided to do it,” Aronson said.

The upcoming Bad Mouth event will be on March 11th at Tortuga gallery and the ticket sales will be donated to Planned Parenthood, Aronson said.

Find out more about upcoming events on the Bad Mouth Facebook page.

Rebecca Aronson is scheduled to read from her new book at Sunday Chatter music on March 26th and at Book Works on April 20th, she said.

Aronson’s books can be found for sale at the Orison Press Website and on Amazon.


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