Duggan’s Coffee Shop

Story and Media by

Mark Graven

Staff Reporter

Duggan’s Coffee Shop, located at 2227 Lead Avenue, Southeast, has been serving the CNM community for nearly seven years.  The shop is owned by Kevin and Mary Scanlan.  Mary is Director of Facilities for CNM.  Kevin is an active owner at the shop, which bears his father’s nickname. 
Kevin believes a coffee shop is a place where a person should be able to sit down and read the news. The menu items have, in fact, a newspaper theme.  Kevin, also says, a coffee shop is a place where folks should be able sit down and have a civil conversation about matters of the day–even if they disagree.
Kevin recently sat down in his shop–after finishing up in the kitchen–for a chat with The Chronicle about, among other things, his start in the coffee business, his wife Mary’s connection to CNM, and the impact of Covid on Duggans. 

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