Editorial: Campus safety needs to be a higher priority

The sheer number of unresolved safety problems on main campus discovered recently by the Executive Council of Students is dis­turbing. The Chronicle wonders why security and maintenance have not been more on top of these problems.

The campus is plagued with improper light­ing, including a whole parking lot with just a single light.

Twelve of the 40 blue emergency boxes are either completely broken or so ill-maintaned that they would be useless in an emergency.

At night, with insufficient lighting of the parking lots, it poses a threat for students to become victims of theft, rape or other dangers.

To make sure that the students do not have to worry whether they are going to be attacked or run into some unsafe situation, administra­tion needs to fix this problem immediately.

With over 30,000 students enrolled at CNM and a fair majority of that number attend­ing the main campus, safety should be the number one priority.

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