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By: Carrie Ratkevich, Staff Reporter

Detention center chief to cover career opportunities

Chief Ramon Rustin, head of the Metropolitan Detention Center, will be speaking about law enforcement career options during the Criminal Justice Speaker Series next week, said Criminal Justice instructor Kevin Daugherty.

Rustin’s presentation will take place on April 11 from noon to 1 p.m. in Smith Brasher Hall room 100.

The field of law enforce­ment and corrections is so large that it is good to show students what areas that are available to them, said Daugherty. The series high­lights these areas and shows how getting an education is important within this field, said Daugherty.

“Many areas within the law enforcement field have begun to professionalize, including corrections,” said Daugherty.

There are many options in the law enforcement field for those who may not be interested in a career as a police officer, said Criminal Justice instructor Kevin Dooley, who worked in cor­rections for 26 years. There are administrative, classi­fication and other support positions available, but many of these require a bachelor’s degree, said Dooley.

“The series will help students get into the system if they want to make that a career, and they will know what to expect when they get there,” said Dooley

The criminal justice speaker series is a collabora­tive effort between CNM’s criminal justice program and Lewis University, said Daugherty. Lewis and CNM have an articulation agree­ment that allows graduates of the criminal justice program to transfer most of their cred­its toward a bachelor’s degree, said Daugherty.

The first speaker in the series was Deputy Chief Paiz of the Albuquerque Police Department, said Daugherty. She spoke on the trials and rewards of being a police officer, said Daugherty.

“It was initially supposed to be Chief Schultz but the mayor called him away at the last minute,” said Daugherty.

There will also be a question and answer portion of the presen­tation, said Daugherty. Students are encouraged to submit ques­tions to Daugherty which will be asked by the moderator, he said. If time allows, there will also be an open question portion of the pre­sentation, said Daugherty.

“Deputy Chief Paiz answered questions ranging from the ben­efits of being a police officer to various life issues, such as mater­nity leave” said Daugherty.

“The purpose of the series is to encourage students to pursue their degrees further,” said Daugherty.

The presentation is open to any student who wants to come to the presentation, said Daugherty. The speaker series will also help people who may not understand the way that the criminal jus­tice system works to learn what is involved in the system, said Dooley.

“We are all touched, in our lives, by what law enforcement and corrections do, so it’s good to be more educated about it,” said Dooley.

Questions for Chief Rustin can be submitted to Mr. Daugherty at

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