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Safety on Campus: Pepper Spray

By Hilary Broman, Senior Staff Reporter Nursing major, Marcela, believes that students, especially women, should be able to carry pepper spray on campus when they have classes late at night, she said. However, pepper spray is considered a banned weapon on CNM campuses, said Louis Medina, Deputy Chief […]

Our Hearts Are with You Orlando

By Hilary Broman Staff Reporter A Candlelight Vigil was held to honor the victims of the Orlando Massacre on Friday, June 17 on Main Campus. The event was set up and organized by the Executive Council of Students. Outreach officer, Albert Montoya, stated that the council’s motivation for […]

Ebola risk low at CNM

By Guadalupe Santos-Sanchez, Staff Reporter There is a lot of hysteria about the Ebola virus in the United States but the likelihood of there being some­one with Ebola on campus is low, said Marti Brittenham, director of the Student Health Center at CNM. At this point the risk […]

Haunted hotel in Albooquerque

By The CNM Tourism Club This building was originally known as the Santa Fe hospital in 1926, Memorial Hospital in the 1980’s and Hotel Parq Central today. This historical landmark has been vested for just shy of one hundred years. Back when the establishment opened in 1926 the […]