Editorial: Reconnecting the dots


CNM Connect is a prime example of a func­tional, sustainable system that includes individuals who are mutually depen­dent upon each other and the school. The office’s “no wrong door approach” puts the staff in a position to successfully assist stu­dents with the problems encountered throughout their college career. CNM Connect operates on almost all the levels that adminis­tration does: getting stu­dents’ course advisement and financial aid and devel­oping grants and programs which CNM can use to better the education expe­rience. Systems within soci­ety are constantly develop­ing, which is often neces­sary because society and its environment are constantly in the process of changing. Everything and everyone is in a constant state of trying to reach equilibrium from the individual, to their coworker, boss, or prede­cessor and the people who depend on their services. The more people who make it a point to be aware of the changes, the more likely the final product will be functional and productive. Although the hole may seem deep pathways are already being made within CNM to improve the situation. Unity and understanding as individuals and as groups can help reconnect gaps and improve the college environment for everyone. When you see something that is not working, the thing to do is recognize and act on it to begin to make changes. Yet it is vital to also recognize and act when you see something that does work- acknowledge, utilize and expand it.


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