CNM student health and wellness center

By Stephanie Stuckey, Staff Reporter

Located on Main Campus in the Student Services Center, second floor, room 206 is the CNM Student Health and Wellness Center.

Patti Haaland, a registered nurse at the Student Health Center, encourages CNM students to take advantage of the resources that are available to them through the Student Health and Wellness Center.

Some of the medical services available to students are:  acute and chronic illness care, TB testing, physical exams, immunizations, family planning services, clinical counseling, and referrals.

According to Haaland, appointments are necessary unless it is an emergency.

First aid and basic primary care services are also offered, according to Student Health and Wellness Center informational pamphlet.

Office visits to see a doctor or nurse practitioner are $15.00 (subject to change/yearly review), vaccinations and lab fees are provided at the clinic’s discounted costs, per Student Health and Wellness Center pamphlet.

There are a few services that are free such as clinical counseling, blood pressure screening, over-the-counter medications and emergency first aid.

According to CNM Student Health and Wellness Center pamphlet, the mission of the Student Health Center is to provide quality primary care services to CNM students.

A philosophy of wellness (health promotion/disease prevention) is stressed and is also stated in the pamphlet.

Haaland said the Student Health and Wellness Center is also available for other resources beside medical services.

They also have counseling services available and exercise equipment in the wellness center, Haaland said.

Merry Guild, MA, LPCC is the clinical therapist for counseling services also located in the Student Health Center, Haaland said.

According to informational pamphlet on CNM counseling services, some of the common reasons why students might seek counseling are:  stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, domestic violence, anger management, relationship problems, and mental health concerns.

Counseling services are free to any currently enrolled CNM student.

In the Wellness Center the exercise equipment available for current CNM students, staff and faculty free of charge are:  two treadmills, two stair climbers, a stationary recumbent bike, a set of free weights, a large machine with four stations for lifting weights and conditioning exercise, according to Student Health and Wellness Center pamphlet.

There are also cubbies to store personal items while working out; the items must be removed from cubbies when finished exercising.

Showers are also available for student’s convenience, per pamphlet.

Haaland said a CNM ID and class schedule are required to use the Wellness Center as well as having to sign a waiver.

Other resources available to students through the CNM Student Health and Wellness Center include information on Meet the Midwives, Early Head Start Programs for pregnant moms, Housing services through Catholic Charities, referrals to various counseling services in the Albuquerque area, Domestic violence resources/assistance, dental services, Medicaid and other health insurances for students, and SNAP benefits.

The hours of operation for the CNM Student Health and Wellness Center are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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