Art major’s work chosen for exclusive exhibit

By: Jonathan Gamboa, Layout Designer

The SCA Contemporary Art Gallery will include a student’s artwork in the June gallery exhibition “The Finite Passing of an Infinite Passion”, said part-time Art instructor and gallery Curator, Danielle Miller.

The art major, who wished to be known only as “Photosynthesist,” will have two pieces displayed because the works fit into the theme of religious beliefs in a wonderful and unusual way, said Miller.

“Normally we would not include artwork from someone who does not have a degree or who is still working through their educational process, but Photosynthesist’s artwork exemplified the theme in a way that it questions the beliefs of religions,” said Miller.

The artworks titled “Torah Warrior” and “Messiah from the Apocalypse” are intended to show peo­ple’s ability to stand on the foundations of the spiritual text and have them transform their beliefs into personal body armor, said Photosynthesist.

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Patrons mingle and discuss works at the SCA Contemporary Art Gallery for the June exhibition “The Finite Passing of an Infinite Passion.” Gallery
curator Danielle Miller talks about the exhibition and selecting pieces that express spirituality and religious iconography.


He was inspired by the way he felt the world not going his way nor going the way other people would like it. His sole comfort was real­izing that there would be someone who could come and make every­thing balanced at some point, said Photosynthesist.

“Through my religious beliefs, my artwork allows me to vent what­ever I am feeling into a permanent fixture,” he said.

He hopes his artwork inspires people to rethink their religious bents and give them another per­spective of the Judeo-Christian concepts with other emphasis on Old Testament texts, he said.

Four art pieces were sub­mitted overall and the other two works were considered too con­troversial for a religious themed gallery, he said.

“I drew a picture of a papal figure transformed into a croco­dile piercing the feet of Christ. It had three wolves on leashes tearing people apart,” said Photosynthesist.

He said his beliefs portrayed through his artwork are sometimes used decoratively and other times drawn in a straightforward manner. The artworks will go from a repre­sentation to an actual tangible belief.

“The artwork that got into the gallery was actually started two years ago, and took about a month for the gallery showcase to finalize,” he said.

Miller and full-time Art instruc­tor Lynn Johnson, whose artwork is also displayed in the exhibit, got him an invite, he said. Since Miller was curating, her theme of religion corre­sponded with his original style.

Miller said this is the first show she has curated in 10 years, and with the help of the gallery owner and her co-curator Laura Ratcliffe, chose artworks they felt expressed a form of spiritual longing that works within some stan­dard of traditional religious iconogra­phies and art historical references.

The SCA gallery’s “The Finite Passing of an Infinite Passion” showcase will be displayed throughout the month of June and artwork will be available for viewing Thursdays and Fridays from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, visit or facebook. com/SCAContemporary.

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