Putting in work

By: Jonathan Gamboa, Layout Designer

Job Corps provides employment assistance for students

The CNM/Job Corps dual enrollment program offered at the Albuquerque Job Corps Center helps strug­gling high school and college students to enroll in trades programs with paid tuition, said Business Community Liaison and Counselor Dr. Emily Salazar.

Job Corps assists stu­dents in preparing for the Accuplacer placement test, meeting with advisers and going through the orientation and enrollment process, said Salazar. “If they’re between the ages of 16 and 24, we accept them into our pro­grams. If they need a high school diploma, we have our own charter school. We have our own GED program and testing site. We have dorms and complete medical services available to students,” she said.

Job Corps handles every­thing and the counselors help students complete a program at CNM, said Patient Care Tech Teresa Begay.

“Honestly, I don’t think I would have been able to do this on my own,” she said.

Begay said that living on site has benefitted her because of the workload involved in the Health Occupations program.

Attending CNM classes is mandatory so that the counselors are able to dis­tribute bi-weekly allow­ances, she said.

Job Corps gives the option of enrolling in this program to those who are willing to attend the classes, are generally well-rounded and have no previous disci­plinary issues at the center, said Begay.

“I don’t see anyone fail­ing out of the program, the counselors here at Job Corps help them get through classes, buy books, understand their schedules and pretty much do everything,” said Begay.

She said the only reason students might fail a class is by not attending classes and not doing their homework. Currently there are 415 resi­dent students at Job Corps and 50 students enrolled in the dual enrollment pro­gram, said Salazar. There are students attending South Valley, West Side, Montoya and Main campuses.

Transportation is avail­able to Job Corps students in internships or medical assist­ing programs, as well as those who attend the various cam­puses around Albuquerque, she said.

“We help the students concentrate on their studies by having them not worry about tuition costs, text books, registration planning and trying to find a place to live,” she said.

Part of the reason the program is offered is to help the students become indepen­dent, Salazar said. Students who are in the dual enroll­ment program are encour­aged to find alternative trans­portation to better develop a sense of independence.

“Since everything is paid for by Job Cops, I’m able to concentrate on the self-paced Office Administration Tech and try to finish early so that I’m able to begin classes at CNM,” said Nursing program student Thomasita John.

To find out more about the opportunities Job Corps provides and how to apply, visit albuquerque. jobcorps.gov.

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