No-cost hump-day pampering

By: Carrie Ratkevich, Senior Reporter

The cosmetology program is offering no-cost mani­cures, pedicures and haircuts on Wednesdays throughout the summer term, said Interim Program Director Jon Stull.

The promotion was started at the South Valley campus to draw in more people so the students could get more experience, said Stull. During the fall and spring terms, the cosmetology lab is closed on Wednesdays so Stull wanted to make sure people were aware that the summer term is differ­ent, he said. “Wednesdays have been slow for us, so we thought offering manicures and haircuts on that specific day would help to increase the client load and practice for our students,” said Stull.

The program has a 100 percent job placement record for graduates, said Stull. In the final term of the program stu­dents go into internships at local salons, he said. The salons are not required to hire the student, but they usually do., said Stull.

“Every student we grad­uate has a job when they leave,” said Stull.

A career in cosmetol­ogy is a different and creative career, said Cosmetology major Rebekah Huetter. Huetter was 55 when she decided to leave her day job and begin a new career in cos­metology, she said.

“The instructors are fabulous. Students are nice. Clients are great. I love it,” said Huetter.

Cosmetology majors Carlo Pettine and his girl­friend Celeste Romero decided to join the program together. They are plan­ning to open a salon together someday, said Romero. The career will give them more time to spend with their chil­dren, said Pettine.

“Hopefully within five to 10 years we will have our own salon established,” said Romero.

The cosmetology pro­gram was established in 1999, but has remained small to keep the quality high, said Stull. Sixteen students are accepted into the program during fall and spring terms, he said. Students must com­plete the general education requirements before they can be admitted to the program, said Stull.

“Our students are better prepared because they are used to studying,” said Stull.

CNM’s small class sizes and experienced instructors have helped nurture dreams of salon owner­ship, said Cosmetology major Jessica Knipprath. Knipprath returned to school after working in the com­munications field, in which she has a bachelor’s degree, to pursue what she has always wanted to do, she said.

“All the instructors are so good at what they do, and they are so approachable,” said Knipprath.

The cosmetology lab is open Monday through Friday throughout the summer term, said Stull. The lab is in the South Valley campus and opens at 9 a.m. on a walk-in basis. All services must be paid in cash, said Stull.

To get more information on the cosmetology lab services, call 224-5034.

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