President Obama’s executive order giving some undocumented immi­grants temporary relief from deportation is a great stride in the fight to help immigrants get a foothold in society.

The reprieve will allow qualified undocumented immigrants to work or go to school for two years without threat of deporta­tion. An estimated 800,000 immigrants will be affected, which will benefit the nation’s economy through the recorded activity of these immigrants.

The process of obtain­ing citizenship in the United States is long and arduous. The longer immigrants stay illegal, the longer the econ­omy will not be affected by the residual income that is being earned and used.

There are a number of reasons why someone from another country would come to the United States and gaining citizenship is a top reason. Though this reprieve is not a direct path towards citizenship, this maneuver will benefit those on both sides of the border.

Public schools, universi­ties and colleges throughout the country, such as CNM, rely on federal funding.

This funding is based on enrollment numbers and by having immigrants go through the country’s education process, they are more likely to contribute to society while not having to worry about being deported.

Having two years of reprieve is a great start to become a functioning member of society, whether on the path to citizenship or coming here just to work.

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