How to: Shopping for locally made products

By: Stefany Olivas, Business Manager

Incorporating the habit of buying American made prod­ucts into everyday life can be easy. It just requires patience. To immediately begin buying a U.S. made version of every single product that is used in the household is unrealistic. Small persistent steps are how habits are built, and little by little producers react to consumer choices.

Individuals who prefer a par­ticular brand name can look to see if which of the company’s products are made here rather than overseas. The Mr. Clean cleaning supply line, made by Proctor & Gamble, is pro­duced both here and in China. Make the choice to buy the one product made locally, or look to the next name-brand over to see if there is a similar locally made product.

Online shopping for U.S. made products is very easy.,, and overstock. com clearly specify if a product was made in this country.

An effort can even be made to buy groceries grown and packaged in the U.S. Packaged products often say where ingre­dients came from and where the product was packaged. Multiple brands of the same product are often available, so if one product is not available locally made, the next product may be.

Buying in-season vegetables is also a good way to support our economy. The growing season for many parts of the United States is long enough to provide a variety of produce throughout the majority of the year. Patience will get help get through theleaner winter months, but before long, the growing season will again be in full bloom.

Clothes is an area that takes persistence and patience to find U.S. made products. Every store is likely to have items made in the United States, but how many of those products are available varies from company to company., stillma­, and are websites dedicated to seeking out prod­ucts and businesses carrying U.S.A. made products. They list products and businesses by category, the majority of which are ordered online.

Made in the U.S. Products

Family Dollar

  • Tampax tampons – $3.50
  • Family Dollar brand Peroxide – $1.75
  • Mr. Clean giant dustpan – $3.00
  • Scrubex cleaning sponge – $1.00

Hot Topic

  • Hot Topic brand Leopard Print tank Dress – $29.50

CVS/ pharmacy

  • Okabashi brand Sandals – $12.99

Brand names listed may not make all of their prod­ucts in the U.S.A. The CNM Chronicle wants to know how you shop and why. Send your story to:

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