How to: Get a Campus Security Report

By: Daniel Johnson, Staff Reporter

A student who needs a security report from any campus can get one from the security office beginning 10 business days after the report is filed, said Campus Security Lieutenant Bernard Rogers.

The reports are consid­ered public information and can be requested at the Main campus security office, at the corner of Basehart Road and University Boulevard, he said.

“This includes all inci­dents that occur at all CNM facilities,” said Rogers.

Because of the safety of personal informa­tion or the risk of iden­tity theft, he said Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act protects information such as Social Security Numbers, birth dates, and other personal information which is withheld from the secu­rity reports.

He said APD is con­tacted for criminal activities, but if a minor incident, such as a traffic violation, occurs on CNM campus the security office handles it, he said.

“APD would be called out to the scene on any crim­inal activates such as sexual assaults, armed robbery or anything that would fall into a felony crime,” said Rogers.

If APD is called to campus, the officers will write their own report, which is accessible through the department’s public records office, located at 5408 Second St. NW.

APD is involved only with incidents or reports at CNM if called by a security officer. APD does not request information or reports from CNM security.

Because of the Clery Act, which requires all col­leges and universities that participate in federal finan­cial aid programs to keep and disclose information about crime on or near their campuses, CNM security releases an annual report with the total count of all incidents that have occurred on campus.

“All information regard­ing campus incidents is totaled and reported at the end of the year. Be it sexual assaults, stolen bikes or any­thing crime-related that hap­pens on campus,” said Rogers.

Rogers said that CNM retains all incident reports for no less than seven years and if a student needs to obtain any information it will be made available.

“If they require any information on the safety of the campus all they have to do is go to the security office and request any information they may need,” said Rogers.

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