Bible study group sets sights on expanding to CNM

By: Jonathan Gamboa, Layout Designer

Inter Varsity provides a community of students from the CNM and UNM area who love Jesus and want to grow and serve him in a way that also benefits the community through extensive bible study, community ser­vice and fun faith build­ing activities, said group leader Nathan Layman.

For the 35 regular stu­dent members, participation in the bible study groups throughout the week involves the students studying books of the bible, fellowship build­ing games and singing songs of worship, he said.

“When you’re coming from high school into col­lege, you are beginning to move into a new com­munity while also going through a time where you are growing into a young adult, and by joining Inter Varsity you will be able to develop a really close bond around the fellowship of friends that will help you move through the changes and difficulties of college,” said Layman.

He said that fully engaging in the group has helped him realize that col­lege is so much more than just trying to survive the two or four years it takes to get a degree. It is about the way the community is affected by the actions of people with skills and long-term relationships.

There is a fair amount of interest throughout the university and college areas, he said. Many of the activi­ties are what bring the com­munity together.

“As of now we are trying to expand into the Santa Fe colleges and start a fellowship up there that is sustainable after a semester of our group’s involvement,” said Layman.

Layman said he has been a member for three years and has been lead­ing a weekly bible study group for two years.

There is no application process and those interested in joining can come to a meeting to fill out contact information and receive the list of events that are held throughout the year, he said.

“I would really love to get more CNM students to get involved, and if real interest is shown we can definitely create a char­ter and CNM fellowship,” said Layman.

For more information about Albuquerque’s Inter Varsity fellowship, go to or visit their Facebook page at facebook. com/groups/ivunm.

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