Editorial: Scholarship Opportunities Are Knocking, Students Should Answer

Last year, nine out of 10 available All-USA scholarships, which pay for a student to trans­fer to a four-year insti­tution in New Mexico, went to waste because no one applied for them.

The cost of higher education rises each year – a trend that is unlikely to change – so it is baffling that stu­dents were not lining up to apply for this award.

Yes, the scholarship demands that a student be active both on campus and in the community, but these things are part of what makes a produc­tive person anyway.

Compiling the nec­essary documents, an unofficial transcript and two letters of recom­mendation, and writ­ing a handful of 500 word essays seem like pretty insig­nificant tasks when weighed against the benefits.

On the whole, applying for the schol­arship requires a time commitment of about a day, but in the long term, a day’s time is easily worth two years of free education.

Many scholarships are available to a wide variety of students, and very few applied for them.

Most people strug­gle to pay for their schooling, and accept­ing loans means com­mitting to nearly a life­time of debt.

Scholarships are a viable solution to the high cost of education, but only if students are willing to look for and put in the work to

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