Letter To The Editor: In Response To Volume 18, Issue 4 “Students Voice Concerns to Administration”

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I have been running into problem after problem when it comes to do doing the right thing. By that I mean gathering the infor­mation I need in order to further my education.

I have been trying to get my financial aid taken care of so that I can get money to survive and get books and codes.

I turned in my tran­scripts from my previous college and three weeks later they finally got evalu­ated. While being evalu­ated, I was speaking with a student advisor about my financial problems and was told that I needed to make financial adjustments in order to receive the amount I need in order to survive.

I went to financial aid to make the necessary adjustments and was told I need to make an appoint­ment; I tried to make an appointment and was told I couldn’t until my tran­scripts have been read.

Three weeks later when I got my email about the transcripts, I call to make the appointment. Apparently it takes an addi­tional two-plus weeks in order for me to make those adjustments. Also, it is going to take an additional four weeks to process the rest of the financial aid paperwork so I can get my student loans.

Until those adjust­ments are made I do not receive any financial aid. I am now ready and almost forced to quit my educa­tion because it seems like no one can help me get any­thing done. Almost every­one I talk to seems to want to direct me to somewhere else. I go through one hoop only to find yet another.

All these hoops have left me unable to receive the needed financial aid. I feel I am being treated more like a number then a paying cus­tomer. I chose CNM and now I doubt my decision simply because of the way I have seen things handled here.

CNM and its financial aid department seem to be understaffed in comparison to the number of students attending. I have met plenty of students that could use extra cash and would be more than willing to help out at CNM (including myself). Thank you for your time in reading this letter. I hope it makes a difference. I know my education is important to me.

Brian Caudill, Student

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